WhipCongress.com: 51 votes for public option if House goes first

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March 12, 2010

http://WhipCongress.com/?source=yt-51 If the House passes the public option, WhipCongress.com can say with confidence there will be 51 votes in the Senate. (A project of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy for America, and Credo Action.)

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One thought on “WhipCongress.com: 51 votes for public option if House goes first

  1. Why do we fight the wrong battles? This ‘reform’ debacle needs to be trashcanned. We won’t win the option fight and, more importantly, it is not WORTH winning. It wouldn’t establish anything beyond the fact that we can ALWAYS be fooled by some last minute fake bone, and nowadays they don’t even bother with that. They just offer us the possibility that we COULD have a last minute fake bone, which they deny anyway.

    The Democratic Party is bound and determined to garotte itself with this ‘reform’. We should be putting our energy into our movement, into moving past the Dems.
    We MUST stop carrying the ball for them, especially when it’s whatever slimy ball they thrust into our hands and say ‘carry this’…

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