We are ALL Americans! Cindy Sheehan interviews Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales

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by Cindy Sheehan
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Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
March 14, 2010

Todos Somos Americanos – Those words mean “We are ALL Americans.”  Today is the day!  This Sunday (March 14th) Cindy says a warm “hello” to Pacifica Radio, starting with this interview with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, to honor exactly that sentiment!  Cindy’s request to interview President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela was finally granted on March 2nd, when Cindy and two photographers were down in Montevideo, Uruguay with President Chavez for the inauguration of the new left-ish president and freedom fighter, Jose Mujica.  Eva Golinger (Venezuelan-American attorney and author) was the translator.

As Cindy explains: “We are not anti-American, we are anti-Imperialism”.  She just plain got tired of all the misinformation spread here in the USA about President Chavez and the people’s Bolivarian Revolution.  For only one example, the National Endowment for Democracy (an Orwellian named agency receiving federal money to subvert real democracy) spends millions of dollars every year in Venezuela trying to destabilize Chavez’s democratically elected government.  Meanwhile, back at home in “the freest nation on earth,” we enjoy a President who keeps us safe by killing American citizens (anywhere in the world) who are only suspectswithout trials! Somehow, I doubt this interview (or this observation) will be noticed or covered by the Mainstream Media.  Anyway, please listen to Cindy, so she can tell you “the rest of the story.” Listen in, and listen well!



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17 thoughts on “We are ALL Americans! Cindy Sheehan interviews Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales

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  15. Who would have thought Cindy would get so far, interviewing heads of state. Go Cindy!

    That’s a great interpreter, we’d all do well to learn Neruda in Spanish.

    But… The people of ‘el norte’ are proven not the voice of god, the people are if anything proven to be the voice of greed.

    The USA would need a few centruries of imperialistic abuse to ever realize that their ideological fraud persecutes themselves. The people of the USA gained much plunder from the decimation of Latin America, and likely long only for the good old days of piracy. The people here have no relevant experience in national impoverishement by imperialistic force.

    But this is all beautiful indeed. Good luck Hugo and Evo & Cindy! You are all very brave martyrs (As was Allende).

    Venceremos! El Pueblo Unido hamas Cera Vencido!

    But so far, there is no grass roots movement in the USA that believes in the hard-won realizitaions of either Chavez ‘s & Morales. Organizing on;y gets done by corporations, the money is just too huge and corrupts all.

    But this is all a beautiful thought. Yet If history is any teacher, this whole idea will be blown away by the CIA.
    Let’s hope history learned something from the last round.

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