Pastor John Hagee Denounces Goldstone Report in Jerusalem

Propaganda Alert!

Pastor Hagee Denounces Goldstone in Jerusalem 3/8/10 Pt 1

March 09, 2010

This is part one of Pastor Hagee’s speech in Jerusalem before top members of the Israeli government and thousands of evangelicals.


Pt 2

by Max J Blumenthal


Pastor Hagee and Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem 3/8/10

March 09, 2010

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greets far-right Pastor John Hagee in Jerusalem the day before Vice President Joseph Biden arrives to oversee indirect peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Netanyahu and Hagee speak in favor of an undivided Jerusalem and the settlement enterprise in the West Bank, repudiating US demands.


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  4. Ah, how nice, the goyem are cheering jews on their way to heaven (but don’t the jews get incinerated with the rest?)

    I used to think he was obsessed with the second coming, and that his flock was a cult, now it looks like he’s being paid (but his flock is still a cult).

    Good to expose this. This sort of thing is largely how we got here.

    • If these Christian Zionists truly loved the Jewish people, they would let the Jews know about the Messiah that has already come. They don’t, though. They are stuck in this End of Days-2nd Coming-Rapture thing and promoting violence, hardly what Jesus had in mind.

      • I doubt these folks know much about who and what’s come or coming. They can stick themselves on whatever they’re stuck on, just keep it out of policy!

      • And what head of state gets away with appeals on televangelist infomercials? It’s like Biden pushing healthcare on HSN.

        Its beyond bad form, it’s embarrasing!

    • Yes,I strongly suspect “Reverend(???)” Hagee is taking money from AIPAC to promte his Zionist viewpoint.

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