Vulture Vomit Kills Bill by Greg Palast

by Greg Palast
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
15 March, 2010

Liberia map

Vultures defend themselves by vomiting on their enemies. In Britain this week, terrified vultures puked up a Tory MP named Christopher Chope.

Two weeks ago, the day after we broadcast our investigation on BBC Television of financial vultures preying on the world’s poorest nations, the British Parliament voted to effectively put them out of business in the UK. A rare victory for victims.

But last Friday, MP Chope used a Parliamentary gimmick to kill the bill.

Chope, I should say, has not confessed to the deed. The cowardly little piece of vulture puke would not admit he’d put the knife in the back of the law. However, vulture vomit has a truly vile stench, impossible to wash off; so activists were able to sniff him out.

Whether the law ultimately takes effect may depend on the outcome of the UK election. Though all parties in the UK back the anti-vulture law, the Conservatives commitment is apparently hobbled by some of their members’ preference for dining on the dead.

When I was in West Africa in February, I met with former UN diplomat Winston Tubman, who asked the vultures, “Don’t you know you are causing babies to die all over Liberia?”

Will the honorable MP Mr. Chope answer the question?


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