Larry King Live: Dennis Kucinich: I Didn’t Want To Be Responsible For Killing The Bill

March 17, 2010

CNN’s Larry King talks to Rep. Dennis Kucinich about why he changed his mind on the health care bill.

Kucinich defends his flip-flop


Dennis Kucinich: I’m Gonna Help The States Get The Right To Pursue Single-Payer

March 18, 2010



Kucinich Announces He’ll Vote for Health Care Legislation

Dennis Kucinich: Left Man Standing by Glen Ford

7 thoughts on “Larry King Live: Dennis Kucinich: I Didn’t Want To Be Responsible For Killing The Bill

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  4. If the bill is a bad bill, Dennis, you SHOULD kill it. Being overawed by Obama is not a good sign that you have the strength of character we need in a leader for the Progressive movement/Left.

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  6. What this entire circus showed is that cointelpro is no longer covert, ‘news’ no longer hides that it’s in cahoots with corps, and political parties no longer have to lie about being mercenaries working on behalf of profiteers.

    It’s incredible, a comedy. I mean it seems the whole backwater mess of middle-amergah actually bought into death panels?? And the staged tea party malarkey was proven to be implanted, yet actually was reported day and night as if it were the people’s revolution? And STILL the people are stupid??

    It’s really far worse than it seemed. This is insanity, and it never ends, ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas’ mentality has spread like meth throughout the prairie and soaked the sod with insidious addictive blind-believer stupidity.

    Americans really need to get out of the international scene. They can spend all the time they want foisting fraud about domestic policy and their blood-brotherhood with corporate mythology, but please people, keep this crazy culture locked up behind your borders, and stop leaking your madness at the world with your military machines.

    We are lucky Dennis still keeps the faith despite this irrefutable yearlong demonstration that the people are truly idiotic and diseased.

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