US ‘dropped plague bomb’ in North Korea in 1952

Updated: Both videos are no longer available.

Updated: They haven’t re-uploaded the short video report but it is included in a longer report so it is shown below now.

Note: Al Jazeera made the video private and hasn’t uploaded a new one to replace it yet.  I hope they do as it was a very interesting report.  Will post the new one when it becomes available.

March 16, 2010

It is a crime the US has always denied – dropping germ bombs on North Korea.

But in 1952 the bubonic plague, never known before in North Korea, broke out across the country.

It claimed at the time that the United States was to blame. But the allegations were brushed aside as propaganda.

Sixty years later however, new evidence has emerged that bioweapons may indeed have been used.

Tim Tate reports exclusively for Al Jazeera.

(video no longer available)


People & Power – Dirty little secrets

March 17, 2010

People&Power investigates accusations that in 1952 the US acquired and used germ warfare technology on North Korean civilians during the Korea War.

[video no longer available)

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  2. Video not working here (‘friends only’)…
    Wasn’t it Mcarthur who fantasized sprinkling plutonium along the Yellow River? That whole Korean thing was apparrently a pretty close nuclear call.

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