Dems, confident, now will vote directly on Senate health bill

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By David Lightman and William Douglas
March 20, 2010

WASHINGTON — With Democrats increasingly confident they have enough support, the House of Representatives planned for an historic vote Sunday that would enact the most dramatic changes in the nation’s health care system in decades.


With Tea Party demonstrators rallying outside to protest the legislation, the House Rules Committee dropped a controversial plan that would have “deemed” Senate-approved health care legislation passed as part of a resolution setting rules of debate. The maneuver had been seen as a way to allow Democrats to avoid voting on the bill, but Democrats were uneasy about the prospect. Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., said it looked like a “back door deal.”


via Dems, confident, now will vote directly on Senate health bill | McClatchy


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20 thoughts on “Dems, confident, now will vote directly on Senate health bill

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  2. thanks, natureboy..trying to move, but afraid to leave the clinic just yet, even though I have no assigned neurologist–it is whoever is in that day..whew, scary

    But I am SOOO bored…

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  4. Oy vey! Chill people!

    You have less to fear from lawmakers & legislators & elected bodies than from commanders in chief of the buttons of mass destruction. That’s our fundamental flaw.

    Law is a process, while war is a sadistic impulse. Patience, people will prevail if they sit and argue it out long enough on paper. Be afraid not of this process, but be afraid when the commander in thief makes it up as he goes along.

    If there’s an upside it politicized people when before they were just trying on jewelry.

  5. If it doesnt change the paradigm of for profit, nothing really changes…and its not just about health care,,,,its about the future of the social culture in the US…Wall St has won.

  6. Lo–Havent you heard? The Sanders amendment is dont think more people die On Medicaid? This bil is just awful,,, I dont get it…it locks in the medical industrial complex…I am on med , as you know, and I dont wish it on anyone…I want peopel to have health CARE as a human right, and I fell, this will bury that effort for decades.

  7. This bill is SO “dirty”..I predict it wil not stand long enough to be fully enacted…which may be a good thing, but it sure leaves alot of people dead. I am not convinced that the Senate bill would save any lives at all…

    • Could you be more specific about how this is going to “leave a lot of people dead.” Although it’s mostly a bailout for the insurance companies, 30-odd million more people will have health insurance that are not covered now, so it should save many, many lives. The additional construction of nonprofit community health centers will help a lot of people have access to health care. We need to look at what’s good about this bill and work on the parts that aren’t so good.

      • Wow. You have watched this monstrous drama play out, bought and paid for by the Insurance companies, who are now to be subsidized to the hilt, by a bill that will change the Constitution more than anything Bush did, by using the power of the state to force us to buy a product/service/disservice/whatever, while denying us the right to choose how we take care of our bodies – this is a vicious and sick bill and there is NO excuse for supporting it.

        As for the 30 million, they will pay more for less healthcare, as happened in Massachusettes, and that’s if the subsidies actually materialize, which they almost certainly will not. But to use those 30 million to justify a bill that strips away the notion that healthcare is a right, while establishing a fascistic precedent for the power of the state, and attacking the right to sovereignty over one’s own body,
        as if there were no other way to help the uninsured, as if they really will be helped … this is all shocking and despicable. Another on the ‘Left’ has ‘pulled a Kucinich’. And so America dies a little bit more.

        Here’s the reality …

        … and that’s no surprise. We ALL know that this bill was rigged from the beginning. This whole drama was predictable, sickeningly predictable. This bill doesn’t reform anything in any good way, but it does set some horrific precedents for the future of the fascist state.

        “Many well-informed and insightful people are now hoping that the current healthcare bill will become law and then lead to something better. But few backers want to dwell on its requirement that everyone get health coverage from the private insurance industry — a stunning, deeply structural transfer of humongous power and wealth that would greatly boost the leverage of an already autocratic corporate state.”

        And so we lie to ourselves one more time, yet again, that the shit being dumped on us is really fertilizer.

        • Those 30 million are being held hostage and you are agreeing with it.
          And they wont’ even get anything out of it, but the Corporate Masters will. With your eager support.

          Fuck you.

        • I do NOT support the bill. How many times do I have to say this?

          What are you going to do and what have you done to attempt to kill this bill? I at least spent my time posting articles/videos on this topic that I would have preferred not to have covered on my blog.

        • “phil” does this from time to time. I don’t take it too personally, at least not for very long. I wonder how many campaigns he has worked on, doors has he knocked, phone calls he has made over the last few decades?

          It’s really sad that the so-called left must resort to in-fighting. It’s not going to help us in Washington.

        • They should have killed the bill! But “they” didn’t, it’s going to pass. So, we need to work on getting single payer for states and work on the bad parts of the bill.

          I never wanted this bill. I am still a proponent for Medicare for all, single payer.

          Don’t shoot the messenger, friends.

        • I didn’t have the fortitude to read through all 2k pages of legaleze, I appointed Dennis as my weathervane… He says it’s a dangerous moment, let’s deal with the reality of the now and move on to more important matters. This health insurance thing has and will be a process, the nation was built on an addiction to greed, it’s their curse. Looks like they’ll lay in the bed they made for themselves for a while yet.

        • I am appalled at the way GOP and Dems are behaving on this bill..but I just cant say we should just “work on this” because they wil not open it again….I would like to get the f off Medicaid and return to the part time work i was offereed–but I am afraid.,..they turned down 100s of amendments tonight–one to increase medicaid to medicare levels..fofered by GOP! I am just so angry, I cant do this..i will vote for any INdependent..
          The Dems should pay for this wasted opportunity–im sure we will..

        • I’m so sorry K, this really does suck. We have the massive money to take care of everyone. Seems we’ll be facing our profit demons for a while yet. Take care of yourself, eh?

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