The Stimulator: F*ck the Police + Shut your Pie Hole

Dandelion Salad

March 21, 2010

1. Tripods for Appalachia
2. Danish Police State
3. The Motherfuckin Resistance VS VPD
4. Undercover Police Fail
5. A new type of hero
6. I Shot the Sheriff
7. Shut your Pie Hole
8. Lierre Keith’s Vegetarian Myth

Shut your Pie Hole

1. Shut your Pie Hole
2. Lierre Keith’s Vegetarian Myth

3 thoughts on “The Stimulator: F*ck the Police + Shut your Pie Hole

  1. Tis not the police, its tis the capitalist pirates, demanding more, more more profit, by use of “Moral[s] Law[s]” ?!
    Banks/Insurance co.’s control the police by limiting money supply, more incarcerations, more money, less equals less.
    If taxpayers knew[realized] what this scheme is, that the City of London, New York Bankers, and “Foriegn Investors[Saudi’s/Chinese?/Caviot Emptor]” are indulging in the profits, and not paying for the burden, that is put on the Tax payers. Would we stop the immoral enslavement of humans, yes but of our fellow citizens, because the I’s don’t like it, we remain fearful and silent. The Churches are as guilty, protecting that tax exemption status. Christ would of opened the eyes of those who refuse to see, opened the ears of those who refuse to hear, and put the lame, on the right path.
    D. Imus was right, we are all prostitutes, Money is the boss, Law the territory, and Enforcement the street pimp.
    As for cow farts, weren’t there at one time uncounted Millions upon Millons of Buffalo roaming the U.S. of A., and the glaciers didn’t melt ?
    As a people we need to change our attitude of what constitutes a Freedom, and what constitutes a crime. No harm/injury, not a crime. get out of behavior modification business., for God gave free Will, satin wants U in slavery.
    Peace prayers best thoughts, to U and yours.

  2. But… It’s not the people who eat the agriculture for which the forests are cut down and the soil stripped, it’s the BEEF.

    If Keith preaches at people to gut her pet duck for dinner she’ll likely end up eating crow (or pie…).

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