Why Dennis Kucinich Flipped His Vote on the Healthcare Bill

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March 25, 2010

Why Dennis Kucinich Flipped His Vote on the Healthcare Bill


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6 thoughts on “Why Dennis Kucinich Flipped His Vote on the Healthcare Bill

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  2. Bullshit amomweg…Dennis opted for bad magic , the deciet of incrementalist healthcare , and gangrene politics. he knows better. that is the sad part.

    • It wouldn’t have passed, and still the whole thing was a waste.

      Don’t blame Dennis for US pathogen on the planet. You can’t have a revolution in values with only one congressman.

  3. I totally respect Denis’ courage in standing so long for the public good. Obviously, the congressional machine could have crushed him if he persisted alone. He would be a lone single easy target. I believe he opted for the choice that would allow him to remain as a voice of the people in Congress, rather than hold out, lose, and have the corporate billions buy his seat away from him.

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