Helen Thomas on her one question for Obama


March 27, 2010

White House Press Corps longest-serving member says Obama lost credibility when he dodged her question on Israeli nukes.

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  11. It really is quite an achievement when you think about it, they went from shtetl-dwelling landless paupers with pushcarts almost wiped out, to being one of the spookiest, most dangerous, powerful sleaziest regimes around.

    Note she says only 5 members of congress would be against all this co-conspiracy with Israel, and also note that so much of their support seems to come from Christian Zionists, not only jews.

    The biblical end-times theocratic cultists ALL bear much blame. This was a known killer-beehive before Obomba got there, he’s not the first one to con or be conned by this cult. So is this recent drama about settlements just for show?

    We might keep in mind that if we’re talking terrorism, the original zionists weren’t exactly nice to the brits, blowing up their barracks and whatnot, but that was a different horrible problem (not that brits were nice to anyone ever).

    Let’s hope we can stop having to read about this all someday. It’s embarrassing, and extremely dangerous, zionism by now is science fiction.

    It’s all a sick Abrahamic fairytale, no more relevant than Thor or Athena, and all scripturalists are to blame for making some desert that’s destined to techtonically crash into Asia, their demonic holy grail.

    People who buy into scriptural literalism are each and all individually responsible for any nuking that goes on in that desertified, blood-soaked hell on earth (milk & honey my arse!).

    Let’s take up a collection and airlift Israel to the Sonoran Desert, we’ll get reimbursed in paper and ink and airtime alone.

  12. if i had one Question for Obama it would be ” how long do you think you can keep this con job up ? ”

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