The American Taliban by Bruce Gagnon (Jesus Camp – 2006) (no longer available)

Christians cannot love their enemies and kill them, too

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by Bruce Gagnon
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Dandelion Salad
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March 27, 2010

A French documentary about the right-wing Christian fundamentalists who are preparing to wage war on behalf of Jesus.

The difference between these folks and the Taliban? Not much as I see it. Where I come from they call this brainwashing.

Watch it and tell me what you think.

Jesus Camp (2006)

no longer available

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5 thoughts on “The American Taliban by Bruce Gagnon (Jesus Camp – 2006) (no longer available)

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  5. I kept looking for the subtitle translations of the speaking in tongues parts…

    Can’t believe this ‘camp’ is ‘awesome’ while ‘Camp OUT NOW’ gets run out of town– what would Jesus say?

    Yep, gotta keep up with the crazies…It’s been going on for a couple of generations since Raygun, and yes it’s dangerous. I feel sad for all the cute kids, all they’ll have to dig out of. American evangelicals need a reformation as much as Islam.

    This is a cult (80 million strong? Yikes!). These kids are being intentionally diseased, brainwashed with false profits. Which is their problem, just keep it away from the whitehouse and the war machine (and far away from me!).

    (The brain mold is a riot~).

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