Cindy Sheehan interviews Temir Porras, Venezuela’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs

by Cindy Sheehan
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Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
March 28, 2010

Updated: June 26, 2011: Here’s the transcript: Transcript: USA: 5+; VENEZUELA: 0, VENEZUELA WINS


Cindy welcomes Temir Porras, Venezuela’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, in charge of the Middle East and Asia.  In today’s world, Venezuela and its popularly beloved President, Hugo Chavez, are tarred as a “communist dictatorship” because of robber-class fears that his good example could give others ideas, too.  (Where would the world be if we let people realize that Hugo Chavez is beloved precisely BECAUSE he takes good care of all his people – not just the wealthy and powerful few.)  The National Endowment for Democracy is a Washington D.C-based non-profit, funded by the U.S. national budget to subvert real democracy wherever it threatens to stay established.  In particular they spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money every year in Venezuela to delegitmatize and destabilize Chavez’s democratically elected government.  The U.S. media, showing all their characteristic perspicacity and integrity, faithfully all spout this same “party line” and forbid any alternative view.  But not Cindy.  Today, with this absolutely marvelous interview, she gives us all some deeper insight into the realities of life and viewpoint in Chavez’s “communist dictatorship” – while back at home in “the freest nation on earth” our President keeps us safe by killing us – if we’re suspects – and all without any namby-pamby trials.  This perspective is worthwhile plus, and usually unavailable to us.  Please listen.


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