Helen Thomas on White House Press Corps




Thomas: Most press rolled over and played dead during Bush years, press was gung-ho to go to war

Helen Thomas is an American news reporter, member of the White House Press Corps and author She was the first female officer of the National Press Club and the first female member and president of the White House Correspondents Association. Her latest book, co-authored with Craig Crawford is Listen Up, Mr President: Everything you Always Wanted Your President To Know and Do.

Helen Thomas on White House Press Corps


Helen Thomas on her one question for Obama

5 thoughts on “Helen Thomas on White House Press Corps

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    • Helen Thomas is right about everything she says, IMO but notice she’s not part of some braindead lynchmob like the entire ghoulish anti-obomba cult, left or right who resort to illiterate teabirther slogans.

      The point she’s making is about the Press Corps and their complicity with Botch on iraq. I suspect they’re all only “going with the flow” now, for one reason, because he’s not a crazy cracker, which the crazy-cracker press don’t dare touch out of loyalty and fear of reprisal, Period, the end.

      Again, I’m no Obombiac, but the reason everyone is riled up at Obomba where before they were mum on Botch is based in racism. BE HONEST!

      The people elected him anyway when they had alternatives who got no press at all, knowing full-well his platform. IT’S THE PEOPLE’S FAULT, BOTH TIMES, EVERY TIME. Rechannel your anger, he’s doing exactly what he said he would. And remember the maniac populace almost elected McBomb!

      Be constructive, not venomous just because now you can get away with it since the end of the born-again cheese-brained tyrant, since you now have a vulnerable black man to spew at.

      “We have to reshape the obomba presidency”, not just spew spleen at him from every which side for the crimes of his evil predecessor and the fact that he’s beseiged.

      Make suggestions, fight for the cause, but if both left and right tear him down at once, something very bad may happen, it will be your fault, and then you’ll be stuck with BIDEN!

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