END:CIV Premise 3 of Derrick Jensen’s Endgame


March 29, 2010


This short piece explores the third premise of Derrick Jensen’s “Endgame”

The cast:

Tenant – Dave Markland
Pig – Dave Cunningham

Production assistance from Carlos Melendres

The music is by stig inge oy

ENDCIV: Premise 3

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  4. strange healt care is a forced right, yet food, water and shelter are commodities. Perhaps natural food, clean air/water and decent shelter should be a right, and the health of the citizens would be much better.
    Dr. Spock’s social behaviorial experiment should be considered a total disaster, and removed from the annals of history. Instead of disipline, citizens have been reduced to bribery.
    Authorty uses punishment on a regularl basis, even for non-crimes. ?

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