Naomi Wolf Thinks the Tea Parties Help Fight Fascism — Is She Onto Something or in Fantasy Land?

By Justine Sharrock
March 30, 2010

Naomi Wolf, author of ‘End of America,’ talks about why she has become an improbable Tea Party darling, and if progressives can learn from the conservative activists

In her bestselling End of America, Naomi Wolf outlines the 10 warning signs that America is headed toward a fascist takeover. Using historical precedents, she explains how our government is mimicking those of Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin through practices like surveillance of ordinary citizens, restricting the press, developing paramilitary forces and arbitrarily detaining people.

The book was lauded by liberals under Bush: the Independent Publishers gave it the Freedom Fighter Award; John Nichols at the Nation named it the most valuable political book of 2007. Now, under President Obama, Wolf’s book is providing ammunition for the Tea Partiers, Patriots, Ron Paul supporters and Oath Keepers, who also warn of impending tyrannical government. Even when the book first came out pre-Obama, Alex Jones, Michael Savage and Fox News invited her on their shows, and agreed with her.


via Naomi Wolf Thinks the Tea Parties Help Fight Fascism — Is She Onto Something or in Fantasy Land? AlterNet


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28 thoughts on “Naomi Wolf Thinks the Tea Parties Help Fight Fascism — Is She Onto Something or in Fantasy Land?

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  8. Does Palin Support McCain’s bill—Indefinite Detention of Citizens On Mere Suspicion?

    Are You Scheduled For Government Interrogation If McCain’s bill 3081 Is Passed?

    On March 4, 2010, Sen. John McCain introduced S.3081, The “Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010.”

    continued at

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  10. steve , your analogy with tea party people and nazis is gross and offensive pal . it belittles the evil done by the nazis . the tea party is fractured in to many peices. the repubs want it bad and have coopted a great deal of it . but if you go back and read about the origional tea party in its infant grass roots phase you will see that it is still around in the phase not coopted .
    your are an intellegent man –study its history . go back . its not organized . its grass roots.

  11. natureboy — read Naomi wolfes books . she , like nat hentoff have been seriuos first amendment advocates for ever. the first amendment was carefully constructed for people we dont agree with , nor do they agree with us . that is the wonder of the FIRST.

    • I’m not offended by their free speech, it’s their daftness, crowing clearly corrupt planted corporate propaganda.

      That wouldn’t bother me one wit if it wasn’t getting vastly more press and influence than any millions of anti-war normal intelligent thinking people.

      So, there you have it, my problem is not with free speech, it’s with the people. These teatotalers are blatantly wrong, lying, channelling Jim Crow. The press and the public and the president are buying it to the point of changing policy.

      THIS is the problem, the people of the USA are apparently daft, dumb, deranged and DUPED. And INDEFENSIBLE!!

      I don’t support their message. I’m amazed you excuse blatant lies and bogus backward blather just because they are being loud, obnoxious and effective.

      Your and Naomi’s amalgamation with the wrong wing is based in paranoia, how dare you guys alarmist about differences in degree in your freedoms as perceived by paranoid people cloaking their hatred in constitutional constructions.

      What about the freedoms of the people we’ve bombed from the air?? THAT is the issue, and not a single solitary tea-party-patriot dares mention that (this is NOT the Ron Paul Revolution).

      Their points won’t inspire anything constructive, least of all any activism on the left. The people will suffer for these evangelical antics as they already have by the bill these inbreds managed to castrate with their ghoulish, sputum-spitting display.

      Remember, the KKK were activists too. This incarnation of born-again birthers are genuinely bad, co-opted, corporate pawns played-upon for their sick, middleamerigoon white-bread-fed fears and pathetic patriotic paranoia.

      This is NOT good for this country you’re apparently so patriotic about (nor anyone els’s) . It’s full-speed back-water-backwards in every single way.

      So far there’s been no Kent State massacres by the Feds over free speech in a long time (and that has nothing to do with birther militias bringing their guns to their hateful false-prophet preach-ins… if the Feds were that oppressive, we’d all have been rounded up and tortured in Estadio Chile, this selfish faux-‘libertarianism’ is profoundly offensive to those who really did suffer under fascists, many at the behest of this very same tribe).

      All this worry about your amendments and rights is ILL-GOTTEN until you stop killing people for the trickle-down prosperity of trash. No freedom for you!

      Get activist about the wars, or be just another selfish, ugly, hateful americon preaching about the right to be rich.

      This kvetching about the constitution and its slave-holding aristocratic founders is hardly our foremost front, tilting at windmills when lives are at stake.

      I do like hentoff, when he’s talking about Jazz…

  12. The Tea Party, an almost wholly-owned subsidiary of the GOP, is the advance column of fascism in our country. (You think I’m alone? See Frank Rich’s most recent Sunday Times column.) The Nazis had an anti-bank “Left” too, headed by a man named Gregor Strasser. The German banks were, of course among Hitler’s greatest supporters, especially after he took power and immediately illegalized the Communistic and Socialist Parties and the trade unions. Strasser was conveniently murdered on June 30, 1934, the “Night of the Long Knives.”

    • I don’t hear teatrash talking even about banks, that’s wishful thinking. I hear ‘Death Panels”.

      They got fed a phrase and won. It works every time, remember ‘Flip-flopper’?

      You train a tribe of trailer-dwelling evanhellicals to spew something and everyone takes it seriously, since at least 1980.

      But… we should support the troops, right Rocket? As long as they’re screaming we get our fix for long lost activism of any kind.

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  14. Naomi Wolf, all hotness aside, appears to be watching too much Glen Beck. Big warning sign was her backing of goldbuggerbot. She’s paranoid.

    Wonder what the other (yet hotter and smarter) Naomi thinks about the teabirther militiousness…

  15. right on Naomi ! its all about the first amendement and raising hell . the Tea Party is keeping the First in shape . i wish we socialists were doing it more.

    • Did you see Right Amerigah Feeling Wronged? Is this the kind of activism you’re applauding??

      I’m no fan of radical leftists deranged bigots either, bader meinhoff/Che/Fidel/ the symbians or any other militarist, ‘grass roots’ or otherwise. There is no excuse for getting incendiary violent, only personal self defense (if running didn’t work).

      But these teabirther people are really deranged. Ignorance, blind-belief in obvious BS & violence is their creed, birthed by wight wing radio propaganda.

      If this is what the 1st & constitution is about, then it was a bad-seed nation to begin with, and needs a few more amendments.

      These are the people who are the reason Botch got elected. I dare you to ask any birther if they didn’t vote Botch.

      ‘Raising hell’ is sometimes just that.

      • To which I’ll add, unless & until the birch(th)erbotchers start making Big War their first critique of big gov’t, they are baseless, debunked & BOGUS

        • Beautiful, beautiful! Great pics.
          (Thank god not another politician!)

          Middle America is indeed the beautiful (Sans middle-amerigoons…).

          For those of us raised on the romance of Little House (the book), those settlers should have stayed behind the Mississippi (or the Hudson, leave the Big Woods alone!).

          The plains should have been a nation unto itself for rightful aboriginal inhabitants all. Maybe it will happen, after they suck the Oglala Aquifer dry and the dust bowl returns…

          (Of course any alignment between conservationists and contributions from hunters & ranchers is bond with Beelzebub).

        • Thanks for watching it, I knew you’d love it. Absolutely gorgeous photography. There is more to Kansas, isn’t there? Once in my Ornithology class we took a field trip about an hour to an hour and a half drive away to visit a real prairie. It was so lovely to see. And lots of birds, although we went to see Prairie Chickens and I don’t think we saw them. I agree with you about the hunters and ranchers.

          Have you ever seen bobcats in the wild? During my work-study for a graduate student I got to go along with him and some others to live-trap bobcats for a week. It was fascinating and I learned so much during that one week of real field work.

        • It was encouraging to hear so much sod survived the sod-busters!

          You describe some amazing courses and teachers, (some ended up in artshul in the city, fish outa water fer real).

          Here in the flats beneath the Catskills we have hardworking foxes, black bears being bullseyed, skwerls villified for being brilliant, birds are less each year, tho the geese still fly over reminding us of Oh Canada; The bats are plagued.

          There’s a decline in deer on my 40 acres of habitat I noticed, the hunters are now complaining they have less eviscerating to gloat about…

          But the hills to my west are named by the Dutch for their Kats (and Kills, AKA streams). The Lions were wiped out along with the ancient Hemlock forest by tanners (tannic acid from the 400 yr, old bark) for leather…

          But they say some bobcats still slyly skulk about the slopes and leave paw-prints. They are serious cats! only seen by me in pics, beautiful, wild.

        • The bats are doing poorly all over, unfortunately. And the lose of habitat for so many birds and other animals is contributing to their decline. Deer seem to be doing well in city parks! Too well that some cities have extermination squads sent out to reduce their numbers. Quite sickening. So many things in our environment are out of whack and of course, add global warming in, too.

        • My theory about the dear deers here is that hunters ‘cull’ the alpha bucks, defying natural selection & throwing off their whole society. I’d rather live in a nice grassy park myself (Either that or they’re getting lyme disease?).

          Fascinating detail in forsbergs film is that there are Piping Plovers in the Great Plains? I only know them as the most perfect beach-birds ever created…. but then he did say the prairie was like an inland sea.

          (Not to be off-topic or anything… back to fantasyland of fashion & fascism~)

  16. Well Naomi Wolf is exactly correct. The Tea Party may be on the wrong track but at least they have a track … They see a government kissin’ bankster butt and health care Mafioso backside. They see a government taking their rights and shoving gangster corporate policy down their throats. Their problem is that they have been cleverly tricked, with tens of millions of dollars and MSM duplicity into advocating policies that actually hurt themselves.

    Naomi Klein gave us the warning with the ”Shock Doctrine” but the left seems oblivious to the fact that the shock doctrine is currently being employed to destroy the working, middle and a sizable chunk of the professional class. The Democrats have taken up where the Republicans left off … rewarding the plutocracy, letting multinationals run the show.

    Wake up, those of you on the left, and smell the burning Constitution. Are you behind the escalation of war, hot, cold, proxy, clandestine and economic at a cost of trillions of dollars? Are you behind bailing out the banksters with trillions while our state and local governments cut payrolls and programs. Are you behind letting the entire 8 year Bush Crime Scene go un-investigated?

    Join the Green Party if for no other reason than to protest a Democratic Party that has turned against us, that will see our destruction, to reward the very criminals that brought war and financial ruin and totalitarianism to America.

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