Victims of US state repression: Of Oppressed Souls, Political Prisoners, and Nonviolent Offenders… by Jason Miller

by Jason Miller
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Dandelion Salad
Thomas Paine’s Corner
Apr 2, 2010

The SHAC 7 are 6 activists and a corporation, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty USA Inc., found guilty of multiple federal felonies for their alleged role in campaigning to close down the notorious animal testing lab, Huntingdon Life Sciences. They were not accused of actually smashing windows, liberating animals or even attending demonstrations, rather reporting on and encouraging others to engage in legal demonstrations and supporting the ideology of direct action.
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Noam Chomsky: Rekindling the Radical Imagination + Marxists struggle over ideas at Left Forum

[note: replaced video 4.11.10]

Rekindling the Radical Imagination – Piven, Jones, Roy & Chomsky, March 21, 2010

by pdxjustice Media Productions

The final plenary at the 2010 LEFT FORUM conference in New York features Francis Fox Piven, Brian Jones, Arundhati Roy and Noam Chomsky. The presentation begins with a memorial for the beloved historian, Howard Zinn, and proceeds to the theme of the 2010 conference: “The Center Cannot Hold – Rekindling the Radical Imagination.”

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Activist leaders targeted in E. Jerusalem + Israel threatens more Gaza attacks + Bil’in Friday Protest: David vs Goliath


April 02, 2010 — Police target activist leaders who protest settler takeovers in Sheikh Jarrah (E.J’slem) in recent weeks

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Peter Eigen: How to expose the corrupt

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April 01, 2010 — Some of the world’s most baffling social problems, says Peter Eigen, can be traced to systematic, pervasive government corruption, hand-in-glove with global companies. At TEDxBerlin, Eigen describes the thrilling counter-attack led by his organization Transparency International.

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A day in the life of prisoners at Guantanamo (photo essay)

Mail Online
2 April 2010

The eerie images of leg irons, ‘life lessons’ and boredom at America’s darkest prison

They are scenes of tediousness rather than of terror or torture.

But the shackles and barbed wire imply the threat behind the boredom, as these never-before-seen images of life inside the prison at Guantanamo Bay show.

The inane round of exercise, packaged meals and ‘life lessons’ is now everything to these, the few remaining detainees – who have never been charged with any crimes – at Guantanamo.


via A day in the life of prisoners at Guantanamo: The eerie images of leg irons, ‘life lessons’ and boredom at America’s darkest prison | Mail Online



Occupied Washington, D.C.

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March 30, 2010 — A photo essay on the military presence in our nation’s capital

Occupied Washington DC


Out-Republicaning the Republicans By Ted Rall

Daniel Ellsberg: Our President Is Deceiving the American Public

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