Work Sucks! Part 3: Visions of a Free Society


April 02, 2010 — This is Part 3 of 3 of Work Sucks! I can’t describe an entire economic system in one video so I just started a new Channel where I’ll be discussing these issues along with the more technical aspects of Left-Libertarianism. Please come by and subscribe:…

If you would like to see how this economic system works in more detail, click here:…

Some Left-Libertarians endorse Participatory Economics (Parecon). While I like many aspects of Parecon, I find it an unrealistic system for a number of reasons. As the theory exists today, Parecon needs to be revised with more scrutiny. Anyway, it does have many good points and promoters have been good about writing about it to a general public. At the same time, this has hurt its reputation by turning Parecon into popcorn economics.

For some, the fact that I don’t fully subscribe to a free-market will be a deal breaker. I’m not an economic fundamentalist which means I can endorse more than one system. I think free-markets under a Mutualist system would be fine. A non-market libertarian society is just a preference.

Many have asked my opinion about The Venus Project. Well, I have to admit that I’m no expert on this subject, so if I misstate something, please let me know. There are definitely similarities between The Venus Project and Left-Libertarianism – especially Libcom. Libcom pushes for the end of work, post scarcity, a moneyless society, using technology to free people, and using locally based community food production. The stuff that Ive read about The Venus Project sometimes reminds of the work of Peter Kropotkin. At the same time, there are some pretty big differences. In my video, I was referring to the look of The Venus Project rather than the project itself.

To me, The Venus Project is the dream of one man. I think philosophically and economically, TVP lacks any real substantive rigor. Thousands of people have worked on Left-Libertarianism for over 200 years slowly refining its theory. From what Ive seen, TVP lacks in many areas especially when it comes to a means to an end. Also, I fact checked the first 30 minutes of Zeitgeist Addendum and found all sorts of inaccuracies. I won’t go into all the details but I found this disturbing to say the least. Anyway, I think people from TVP should take a look at Left-Libertarianism and see what they think. At the same time, I think Left-Libertarians should pull some of the useful things from TVP. In the end, I think they could learn from each other. As I said in the video, I’m really against any kind of economic or political fundamentalism which seems extremely common on YT. No system is perfect. I’ve learned things from what some might consider to be my political enemies.

Okay, in one part of my video, I said that a town might only need to work 16 hours. How did I get that number? I just pulled it out of my ass for the convenience of a concrete example. I may have made it sound like I have Utopian visions of grandeur. But likely, the workweek will be reduced substantially.


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