What happened to the Israeli peace movement? + Beit Ommar Demonstration




On the border Pt.2

Report from the Middle East: What happened to the Israeli peace movement?

Michel Warschawski: On the border Pt.2


Beit Ommar Demonstration (13.3.10) – PSP


March 16, 2010 — On March 13th 2010 a peaceful demonstration was held in Beit Ommar. About 100 people, internationals and locals, joined the march through the streets in order to show resistance to the Israeli settlement policy and the construction of the apartheid wall. True to the motto of non-violent activism, the demonstration was peaceful until the Israeli army rushes in the scenery. A rain of tear gas grenade, violence and aggression against the peace-activists as well as several arrests were again the answer of the Israeli soldiers to an offer of peace.

Beit Ommar Demonstration (13.3.10) – PSP


Michel Warschawski: On the border Pt.1

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