Peace comes not with words but with resolute action

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April 08, 2010 — Please watch an ordinary Afghan boy fulfill his promise to Ambassador Eikenberry & President Obama, as elite promises falter

An Afghan boy fulfills his promise to US Ambassador Eikenberry

Autumn 2009.
Send your teacher my greetings of peace.
Tell him that the Bamiyan Governor says,
Teach me the alphabet.

Zekerullah, you should promise Governor that you would go to school in the New Year ( spring of 2010 ).

Would you promise?
Well done, well done!

US Ambassador Eikenberry visits the Afghan Youth Peace Vigil
How about you ( Zekerullah )? Whats your favorite subject?
Unfortunately, I didnt go to school year.
Are you going to go back next year?
He promised. Before you arrived here, I had a conversation with him. He left school ; he couldnt follow.
OkayI hate toIll go ahead & get that news ( peace message ) to President Obama. Can I tell him that youre going to go back to school? Yes.
Is that a pledge?

If the days are not bad, Ill definitely fulfill my promiseif days turn bad, no one can fulfill their promise.

Spring of 2010 arrived ; Zekerullah now works half the day

& goes to school in the afternoon with these grade 2 Dari & Math textbooks.

Did you shave your head?
Yes, I did. The weather has warmed up.
Its already the New Year?
Show me your haircut.
Here it is…
Where will you go right now?
To school.
Well done,son!
Which grade did you enroll in?
Grade 2
Very good.
So, are you fulfilling your promise to Obama, Eikenberry & Governor Sarobi?
I want to fulfill my promise this year, to learn to read & write, to be literate
What do you want to be in the future?
I want to be a doctor.
Yes, like yourself

Are you going to school?
Whats the name of this school?
The Central Boys School
Study hard, okay?
What message do you have ( for the US Ambassador )?
That he would also fulfill his promise.

Bye, God protect you!
God protect you!

Peace comes not with words but with resolute action


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