Rep. Kucinich Joins Workers at Hugo Boss to Save Jobs

by Dennis Kucinich
Brooklyn, Ohio
Wednesday, 07 April 2010

Congressman Dennis Kucinich joined workers of Hugo Boss at a rally in Brooklyn, Ohio in an effort to save their jobs. Joining with Rep. Kucinich was Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, actor/activist Danny Glover, Dallas Sells of Workers United/SEIU, Harriet Applegate, Executive Secretary of the North Shore Federation of Labor AFL-CIO, Brooklyn Mayor Richard Balbier and a host of other public and union officials.

Congressman Kucinich stated, “The workers at Hugo Boss deserve our support not only because of what’s happening here in Brooklyn, Ohio but also because your struggle is a struggle that workers all over the United States are experiencing.

“Your struggle is emblematic of the efforts of working men and women to have a decent wage, to have some job security, to be able to be told that not only, ‘you have done a good job’, but when you do a good job and help a company make a profit, that you don’t lose your job, that you keep your job, that we can have growth and prosperity and that you can share in it because you have helped create it.

“You know there are those on Wall Street who with a stroke of a pen will make millions of dollars. But you’re doing work with your hands; you’re creating a product that has dignity. You haven’t asked for a handout, you’ve asked for an opportunity to keep working with your hands, to keep producing a quality product. And we’re here because we recognize that you have a right to be able to continue in the craft that you do so well,” continued Rep. Kucinich.

Rep. Kucinich concluded, “There’s a chant all over the labor movement, but particularly relevant in this place in this time and this is what happens when workers are united. And you know what that chant is – Workers United will never be defeated!”


electdennis — April 07, 2010

Dennis Kucinich at Hugo Boss Rally


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  2. With Kucinich support they’re SURE to LOSE (but Dennis will reframe it as a WIN); hope they already have un-cancelable health insurance for the mental and physical illness certain to follow in the wake of the Menace!

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