Stimulator: Poor fuckin Earth + Squatting in the U.S.A.


April 08, 2010


This Week:

1. Drilling your mother
2. Don’t cry over spilled oil
3. Great barrier slick
4. First Nations don’t smoke from Enbridges’ pipes
5. Subcomandante Marcos Unmasked.
6. Squatting in the U.S.A. with Steven Decraprio

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Brian Becker: Guantanamo Bay prison cover-up


April 09, 2010 — Former United States President George W. Bush is being accused of covering up innocent people from being imprisoned. The accusations have come from a former senior member of the Bush administration, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson. The administration allegedly covered it up, fearing that it would weaken their push for war in Iraq.

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US harboring Latin terrorists


April 09, 2010 — While the United States is at war fighting terrorism, is the United States harboring International terrorists right here at home? If the crimes are against enemies of the US, than the government says it is ok. Some examples are the man who killed the former foreign minister of Chile and a former Bolivian leader who is accused of genocide in Bolivia.

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A ‘Regrettable’ Event in East Jerusalem By Noam Chomsky

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By Noam Chomsky
In These Times
April 1, 2010

Yet again the flashpoint is East Jerusalem, seized by Israel in the 1967 war—this time, a proposed 1,600-apartment complex in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood. And yet again the aftermath has led to the death of Palestinians by Israeli gunfire.

On March 9, the Israeli interior ministry announced the new project during U.S. Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s visit to Israel. President Obama had called for curbing settlement expansion in occupied territory.

Reaction was immediate and intense. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly apologized for the announcement’s “regrettable” timing but insisted that Israel could build freely in East Jerusalem and elsewhere in the territories it intends to annex.


via A ‘Regrettable’ Event in East Jerusalem — In These Times


Is The U.S. Incapable Of Standing Up To Israel?


Political Prisoners in Venezuela? by Eva Golinger

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by Eva Golinger
Global Research, April 9, 2010
Postcards from the Revolution – 2010-04-08

When politicians and political actors commit crimes, can they hide behind cries of persecution? As international organizations backed by Washington condemn the Chavez administration for alleged political persecution, the facts shed light on the difference between activism and crime

Amnesty International sent out an urgent action appeal last week, claiming five individuals were under intense political persecution by the Venezuelan government. The international human rights defense organization alleged that “over recent years, the Venezuelan government appears to have established a pattern of clamping down on dissent through the use of legislative and administrative methods to silence and harrass critics. Laws are being used to justify what essentially seem to be politically motivated charges, which would indicate that the Venezuelan government is deliberately targeting opponents”.

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The Coming European Debt Wars by Prof. Michael Hudson

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by Prof. Michael Hudson
Global Research
April 9, 2010

EU Countries sinking into Depression

Government debt in Greece is just the first in a series of European debt bombs that are set to explode. The mortgage debts in post-Soviet economies and Iceland are more explosive.  Although these countries are not in the Eurozone, most of their debts are denominated in euros. Some 87% of Latvia’s debts are in euros or other foreign currencies, and are owed mainly to Swedish banks, while Hungary and Romania owe euro-debts mainly to Austrian banks. So their government borrowing by non-euro members has been to support exchange rates to pay these private-sector debts to foreign banks, not to finance a domestic budget deficit as in Greece.

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The Miserable State of Mine Safety by Ralph Nader

by Ralph Nader
The Nader Page
April 9. 2010

The tragedy at the Massey Energy Company’s very profitable Upper Big Branch coal mine at Montcoal, West Virginia, which so far has cost 25 miners’ lives, is another reminder of the immense human and environmental cost of this fuel. Continue reading

The Male Hierarchy of the Catholic Church: Problems Beyond Priestly Child Abuse by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

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by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
crossposted on
April 9, 2010

All the rage (literally, for some of the victims and some of their parents) is the discussion/controversy in a number of countries over Catholic priests’ sexually abusing children and teenagers over a period that may go back as far as 50 years.  (It may well go back even further than that, but there may be no survivors, folks who would be quite old now, willing and/or able to come forward).  The controversy has two parts: the abuse itself and then the cover-up for the offenders.  Some Catholic dioceses in the United States have paid out very large sums in settlements.  In one instance, a U.S. Cardinal involved in the cover-up has apparently “moved” (fled?) to a position at the Papal Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome and apparently will never return to the United States.  In recent weeks the controversy has become particularly full-blown because of accusations, some apparently well-documented, that the current Pope Benedict XVI himself participated in one or more cover-ups when he was Cardinal Ratzinger in Germany and then head of the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican.

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Three Cheers for the Tea Party! by Sean Fenley

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by Sean Fenley
Dandelion Salad
The Anything and Everything
April 9, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I’m not sad to say that I’m cheering for the success of the Tea Party.  Surely if they are to ’succeed’ they will take votes away from Republicans, but more than that they will open up a stale process to a new sort of rebirth and change. They will possibly become nothing more than a of the center-right, but should they begin to break free of their Republican tethers, I will be rooting for them all the way.

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While I walked away with my freedom, the primates at KUMC remain imprisoned… by Jason Miller

by Jason Miller
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Thomas Paine’s Corner
Apr 9, 2010

Devin Listrom, Kyle XVX, Judy Junior, and Jason Miller in a Bite Club protest against vivisection at KUMC….

Meat-eating, racist, homophobic, capitalist-loving white men can openly tote guns and threaten violence if the government dares to spend tax money on “Socialist” health care reforms (ironically, the same angry white men are fine with hundreds of billions of dollars more of our money going to our murderous, imperialist military industrial complex).

And yet an unarmed, calm and rational-acting Animal Rights activist faces police harassment and the threat of arrest for disseminating provocative (yet legal) fliers that promote an end to cruel, barbaric, and torturous experiments on primates by a public university using our tax money.

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Your messages delivered to Eastern Congo

Sent to DS from Pete Masters, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) UK, thanks Pete.

Condition: Critical
March 30th, 2010

On the 24th November 2009, MSF launched the last installment of the Condition: Critical project. You heard stories from Francoise, Mishoko, Bahati and children that have been abducted during the conflict.

Since then, nearly two thousand of you have left messages of support for the people of Eastern Congo on the Condition: Critical message map. The first of these messages have already arrived in Congo and more are to follow. This video shows messages being delivered by MSF staff and the reaction of local people to them.

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Kyrgyzstan moves to shut US-run Menas air base + US reacts to Kyrgyzstan coup

April 9,  2010

Kyrgyzstan’s new leaders have said they intend to remove a US military base, which currently serves as the premier air mobility hub for the US-led forces in Afghanistan, from their soil.The interim government led by ex-foreign minister Roza Otunbayeva, has said it wants the US base, Manas, closed down for security reasons.

The remarks came amid growing uncertainty over whether the new Kyrgyz authorities would allow the US to use the base.


via Kyrgyzstan moves to shut US-run Menas air base

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Netanyahu: No summit for Israel + Israel PM cancels nuclear talks


April 08, 2010 — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just announced Israel will not be going to the Nuclear Summit to be held in Washington next week. He made the decision after learning that the question of Israels nuclear arsenal will be brought up. Avner Cohen says the Israel should be proud of what they have produced and should answer these questions.

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