Occupied Washington, D.C. by Stephanie Westbrook

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See her photo essay video: Occupied Washington, D.C.

by Stephanie Westbrook
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
April 10, 2010

lockhead martin aircraft
photo by Stephanie Westbrook

As a visitor to our nation’s capital, I cannot tell you how disconcerting it is to step off the metro and find yourself face to face with a F-35 fighter jet. Where you would normally expect to find ads for cell phones or museum exhibitions, Washington’s subway, the second busiest in the country, instead displays full color backlit billboards for some of the most deadly – and expensive – weapons systems ever produced.

The ads for such companies as Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest weapons producer, Goodrich, KBR, AGI, BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman can be found in many of the metro stations in the Washington metropolitan area. Not surprisingly, the heaviest concentration is at Pentagon City and near government offices at the Federal Center and Capitol South stations. Undoubtedly, the ads aim to influence key decision-makers, but they also serve the purpose of selling to the general public the concept that only our superior military prowess can protect us from a hostile world.

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After Peak Oil, Are We Heading Towards Social Collapse? By Emily Spence

Thanks to Emily Spence for sending this to DS.

By Emily Spence
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
April 10, 2010

Recently, Glen Sweetnam, director of the International, Economic and Greenhouse Gas division of the Energy Information Administration at the DoE, announced that worldwide oil availability had reached a “plateau”. However, his statement was not made known through a major U.S. mainstream media outlet. Instead, it was covered in France’s “Le Monde” as follows: article in Le Monde.

One could assume that the U.S. assessment of the oil decline was exposed through this particular publication perhaps due to some arrangement that Barack Obama made with Nicolas Sarkozy. (Maybe it is an indirect way to alert the French while keeping most Americans still in the dark on the topic so that the latter bunch can ignorantly carry onward as usual. After all, no unsettling prognosis should disturb their slow return into shopoholic ways that keep the economy, particularly China’s on which the U.S. federal government depends for loans, going strong.)

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Violence flares in Thai capital



April 10, 2010 — Clashes have turned increasingly violent between anti-government protesters and troops in Thailand

The soldiers fired rubber-coated steel bullets on Saturday at the so-called red-shirts, who want parliament immediately dissolved and fresh elections called.

Al Jazeera’s Wayne Hay reports from Bangkok.

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Polish President Lech Kaczynski dies in plane crash in Western Russia


My sympathies and condolences to all.


April 10, 2010 —
A plane carrying the President of Poland, and his wife, has crashed in Western Russia. Russian officials say the plane was carrying 132 people, including Lech Kaczynski. The governor of Smolensk says no one survived. He’s quoted as saying “the aircraft clipped the tops of the trees, crashed down and broke into pieces.” It happened on approach to a small regional airport, around 300 metres from the runway. The mobile phones of everyone who was with President Kaczynski are no longer working. He was heading for a personal visit to the memorial site where Polish officers were murdered during World War Two. The head of Poland’s central bank, the deputy Foreign Minister and the Army Chief of Staff are among others reported to have been on board. Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the creation of a state investigation commission headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. More details as we get them, right here on RT.

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Bill Moyers Journal: Andrew J. Bacevich + Louise Erdrich


Bill Moyers Journal
April 9, 2010

Andrew J. Bacevich

Historian, international relations expert and former US Army Colonel Andrew J. Bacevich returns to the JOURNAL to discuss America’s long war in Afghanistan.

via Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS

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Howard Zinn and Michael Parenti: Liberty Bound (2004)

with Howard Zinn and
Featured Writers
Dandelion Salad

Note: replaced video July 5, 2013

Christine Rose on Jun 13, 2012

A US Citizen’s journey of discovery into the lies, oppression, and corruption that has invaded her country since 9/11.

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Dr. Michael Parenti: Terrorism, Globalism and Conspiracy (2002)

with Michael Parenti
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Originally published on June 16, 2008
August 24, 2016

DebatesAndLectures on Mar 1, 2012

Dr. Michael Parenti, one of North America’s leading radical writers on U.S. imperialism and interventionism, fascism, democracy and the media, spoke to several hundred people at St. Andrews Wesley Church in Vancouver.

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