Resigned To Truth by Philip A. Farruggio

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by Philip A. Farruggio
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20 April, 2010

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President Barack Obama. I did not vote for you, because the two party system you are part of is corrupt and non productive. Yet, you seem to be a good and decent man. Alas, you think you can accomplish what some presidents before you have attempted, which is ‘ Work inside the system to change it. ‘ They either could not do it, or became corrupted themselves by the allure of greatness. They traded in justice and truth for expediency and compromise. To compromise with the devil one still accepts his dirty deeds. Have you, sir, read the fine new book ‘ JFK and The Unspeakable ‘ ? Have you watched the fine films The Good Shepherd and Syriana , whereupon good men became corrupted and corrupted men became good? Mr. President, you are now approaching that ‘ ledge of reason ‘ yourself. It took Eisenhower eight years to finally find the courage ( much too late ) to speak the truth when he gave his farewell address. He knew of the Military Industrial Complex before he even ran for office. As President, he allowed himself to become complicit in it. You know what happened to JFK when he had his epiphany after the Cuban Missile Crisis. He became ‘ born again for peace ‘ and the rest is history.

Many will tell you that what I am about to suggest is ridiculous and counter productive. Yet, Martin Luther King was able to achieve so much, and he never had to hold office. Perhaps, if he had, he would never have succeeded. So, my advice to you, my plea to you, is to call another joint session of Congress. Stand tall, and tell the nation and the world that you are……resigning! Take time to go over, point by point, why you cannot serve our nation as president. Tell the …..truth:

” My fellow Americans, our nation is on the wrong course no matter where one looks. Abroad, we have over 750 military bases in countless countries. Our weapons and our power only intimidate the rest of this planet. The peoples of those nations, if given a chance to vote, would tell us they do not wish to have our bases there. Ask yourselves this, my fellow Americans, would you like it if foreign bases and troops, with heavy weaponry, were located outside of your town? Furthermore, we do not belong in Iraq or Afghanistan. Our former leaders lied us into phony wars and occupations. The UN could and should mobilize a police action for the people of Afghanistan…. If they so vote to approve it. United States soldiers should not be put in harms way, or the civilians of those nations by our presence there. If I were to do the just and right thing, the forces that control even this Congress would have my head….. Or worse.

At home, we have a system in place that corrupts those who sit in this chamber. Money in politics is evil. It has taken away any real opportunities for change for our nation’s people. Major corporations, allied with international corporate interests, have sucked the lifeblood out of our citizens. We live in a ‘ two tier ‘ nation…. Similar to what many here have joked about when they refer to ‘ Banana Republics ‘ . Well, America is now a ‘ Banana Republic ‘ . Executives of failed banks and investment corporations have taken taxpayer subsidies, only to continue to live as kings and queens….. While the majority of Americans are losing something of value: their very health, a home, a job, insurance, retirement savings…… Security of one kind or another. In essence, this current system rewards the super wealthy while 98 % of America suffers. The Congress, every Congress, is so ‘ bought and paid for ‘ by Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex, that almost 50% of your hard earned federal tax dollars go to feed this beast. Roads, schools and infrastructure fails, small businesses fold up…. Services are cut throughout the towns and cities of our great nation. Meanwhile, weapons systems and overkill numbers of nukes and other WMD continue to come off the assembly lines of corporations that sell only …… Death and destruction. To go against this beast , one would need an ‘ army of good souls ‘ . How many in this chamber would march in such an army of truth? If lucky, perhaps one in ten of you would stand and commit to that risk. . How can you, when the very ones you wish to march against control the purse strings of your careers in and out of government?

Lincoln quoted the bible when he stated ” A house divided cannot stand ” . America’s house is truly divided. Yet, my epiphany is that it is not simply divided between two political parties or platforms. No, when we peel away layers of that onion, we find basically the same special interests, or the same very wealthy folks behind both our major parties. I say ‘ Mea Culpa ‘ because I have allowed myself to be enchanted by the allure of the golden dreams they sold me. No more!

I can do more as a private citizen than I can as your president. That is correct, as convoluted as it may at first seem. As president, I am surrounded by the very people who need to be separated from the good deeds that must be done. This system is too entrenched to ever allow that. When the day comes and the majority, the good people of America, finally and resoundingly reject this way of government, then we can once again be that ‘ Beacon upon the hill ‘. How will this be accomplished? When Americans care enough to raise their voices, stand on street corners in peaceful protest, and say ‘ Enough is enough ‘, then change will occur.

There is an old adage in business: ‘ Some of the best deals you make are the ones that you don’t make. ‘ My resigning from this office can and will serve notice to the people of America that the future is in your hands….. Not in that of some government official. For, in all the many textbooks ever written about democracy, it states that those we elect to office are there to….. Serve us! That is what I shall resolve to do, as a private citizen, with most of my waking hours. For in the final analysis, it is not our rhetoric that should last….. It is in our deeds that we will all be judged by our Creator. Let the system play itself out as it currently is…. Or let the voice of you, the majority of America, be heard. I will be one of those voices for so long as I breathe and reason. God Bless America.”

Mr. President, to perform such an act would finally mobilize the good folks throughout America. Too long they have stood idle, awaiting some Messiah to rescue them. After such a speech, methinks that many will finally realize that the future is truly in our hands….. As a truthful and just people. Yes, even a fever must go higher before it breaks, and the wellness begins. This patient, our great America, is dying now…… Only together can we save our Miss Liberty.

Philip A. Farruggio is a sales rep, free lance columnist and activist. Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq he has been standing on the street corners of his town …. Once a week. Philip’s recent work can be seen on his blog at by searching his name. He can be contacted at

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  2. Well that certainly be Obama’s best speech ever. Truly change that I would believe in! 🙂

    Of course the odds of this happening is way beyond “snowball in hell.” More like liquid nitrogen in hell…

    Good article though. I agreed with just about everything except for the UN part – they’re about as corrupt as our government – controlled by the same multinational corporate elite.

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