The Liberty Coalition: Introduction


September 27, 2009 — – The Liberty Coalition is a future third party alliance made up of Americans who support Liberty and oppose Big Brother government.

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The Liberty Coalition: Introduction


The Liberty Coalition Third Party Alliance

Four Points of Unity:

I. Freedom from Central
& Foreign Bankers

Stop the Wall Street-run Federal Reserve Bank (and its fractional-reserve system), which makes our economy unstable through monopoly money (printed out of thin air), U.S. deficit-spending and inflation.

II. Freedom from National Debt
& Bailouts

Stop all Federal Bailouts of banks, corporations and foreign governments – and pay the National Debt.

III. Defense of Civil Liberties & the Constitution
Protect and uphold the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution as chains of limited powers upon runaway government that moves us closer to Tyranny; stop mandatory vaccinations, spying on Americans and keep the internet free.

IV. Freedom from Wars & Empire
We need an America First foreign policy that will end foreign wars, dismantle an overseas empire we can no longer afford and bring our soldiers home to defend our Constitution and our Democratic Republic.


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