Bill Maher Becomes a Teabagger


April 23, 2010 — Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules from April 23, 2010 in which Bill Maher puts on his teabagger hat and tells it like it is.

Bill Maher BECOMES a Teabagger – 4/23/10


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10 thoughts on “Bill Maher Becomes a Teabagger

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  4. Just about perfect except for the analysis of who benefits most from the Military Industrial Complex. The MIC is made up largely of publicly traded companies who shrivel up and die without public contracts. This means that all of us, rich, middle class and poor who pay taxes keep this complex running. The rich with their Goldman and J.P. Morgan brokers get the heads up that it is a good time to buy Lockheed Martin stock a few days before the appropriations committee awards Lockheed a contract and BINGO, filthy rich pig ads a little more mud to their pen.

    The biggest redistribution of wealth in the history of this country is from the 90+% up to the true investment class.

    Eat the rich!

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  6. Pretty funny. And some is right on. The Tea Baggers should be ridiculed to no end. But as usual, Bill lacks a class analysis. So when he talks about taxes he is not very clear or helpful. We SHOULD be demanding tax cuts for the working class and major tax hikes on the ruling class rich. We need to demand major progressivization of our tax system. Otherwise we end up in a fight between class-blind liberals like Bill and clueless reactionaries like the tea bag mob.

  7. Hey, DUMBF*CK, where were you when $hrubco was producing _90%_ of this debt????

    $hrubco burned down America’s “house”. It will take some spending to rebuild.

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