Global Tamil Forum on Sri Lanka Election

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25 April, 2010

Low Tamil turnout reflects their disillusion in the Sri Lankan political system

London April 24, 2010 — The Global Tamil Forum views the parliamentary election in Sri Lanka conducted on April 8, as an election that was imposed on the Tamil speaking people of the island. The Tamils living in a highly militarized oppressive condition continue to undergo many forms of immense suffering, depravation of the basic necessities of life, denial of freedom, fear and intimidation. There are still about 100,000 Tamils housed in military run internment camps and their rights have been denied. Thousands of Tamils have been denied their rights to vote in this election.

The very low turn-out at the polls by the Tamils in Northeast Sri Lanka, clearly due to fear, mistrust and despise for these elections, have sent a clear message to the international community that they have hardly any faith in this Sri Lankan form of ethnic-majoritarian democracy and its mode of elections. The government of Sri Lanka in its attempt to justify it as a democratic government and to deceive the international community, imposed the election on Tamil people in an environment of oppression and occupation.

The Tamil people that participated in the election, however, have elected the political party, the Tamil National Alliance that has been championing for their legitimate political aspirations. While congratulating the elected members of the TNA, the President of GTF, Rev. Dr. S.J.Emmanuel said “the Tamil people have sent two messages very eloquently: one of them is that they do not believe in the Sri Lankan political system that is imposed on them, and the other is by electing a party that has been voicing for their freedom, they are conveying their desire for liberation.” He added “GTF will be working closely with TNA in addressing the day-to-day need of the Tamil people as well as their political aspirations.”

GTF calls upon the Tamil people to sink any differences caused by the election, and unite under the common goal of freedom. It calls upon the Tamil Diasporas and their organisations to unite and engage themselves with the international institutions and governments and work towards achieving a political resolution where all the peoples of the island can live peacefully side by side with freedom and dignity.

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