In Washington-Speak, “Palestinian State” Means “Fried Chicken” By Noam Chomsky

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By Noam Chomsky
April 27, 2010

A Middle East Peace That Could Happen But Won’t

The fact that the Israel-Palestine conflict grinds on without resolution might appear to be rather strange. For many of the world’s conflicts, it is difficult even to conjure up a feasible settlement. In this case, it is not only possible, but there is near universal agreement on its basic contours: a two-state settlement along the internationally recognized pre-June 1967 borders — with “minor and mutual modifications,” to adopt official U.S. terminology before Washington departed from the international community in the mid-1970s.

The basic principles have been accepted by virtually the entire world, including the Arab states (who go on to call for full normalization of relations), the Organization of Islamic States (including Iran), and relevant non-state actors (including Hamas).  A settlement along these lines was first proposed at the U.N. Security Council in January 1976 by the major Arab states.  Israel refused to attend the session.  The U.S. vetoed the resolution, and did so again in 1980.  The record at the General Assembly since is similar.

There was one important and revealing break in U.S.-Israeli rejectionism.  After the failed Camp David agreements in 2000, President Clinton recognized that the terms he and Israel had proposed were unacceptable to any Palestinians.  That December, he proposed his “parameters”: imprecise, but more forthcoming.  He then stated that both sides had accepted the parameters, while expressing reservations.


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  4. I’ve believed for the past 30+ years that there could never be a “peace agreement” of any substance. My rationale is that Israel, as it identifies itself, can only exist in a state of war , surrounded by enemies. Any state of peace would be the effective dissolution of the State. It’s not unreasonable to ask, wha prevents a peaceful environment in the region and, how do you reach those objectives,,any person who can make those conditions work is a genius!

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