Police Captain Says Legalize ALL Drugs

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April 27, 2010 — Retired police captain Peter Christ talks about the need to legalize and regulate all drugs in a live TV interview. Peter is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), which any citizen can join for free at http://www.CopsSayLegalizeDrugs.com

17 thoughts on “Police Captain Says Legalize ALL Drugs

  1. DS, I take it that there were one or more things about my post that were unacceptable to you, but am not sure which were the reasons for the deletion of my post. It might’ve been only due to the post having been too long; or due to it having a couple or few links; or due to my disagreeing with the police officer saying that all illegal drugs are dangerous; or because of WordPress filtering; or for another reason. Or maybe it’s for a combination of some of these reasons; if not all of them.

    WordPress, however, sent me the subscription notification link from having posted in this DS page, so I guess WP wasn’t the reason my post was deleted. I don’t understand what this WP thing is about, not seeing an option to subscribe; only seeing the message, “Your subscription has been activated!”, and then a drop-down selection list for Bulk Actions and Unsubscription from the set of subscriptions we can individually select to have one of the two actions applied to.

    So I got the one for my initial post in this DS page, but the post’s been removed.

    Word from the wisened: Any serious text that’s to be posted online in reader comments should be saved in separate text files before submitting them as posts. I have to make a habit of doing this; having lost texts too many times. F.e., AfterDowningStreet.org uses a filter that automatically discards submitted posts when they contain more than maybe seven links, and this action is silently applied. It’s evidently not moderators who perform these deletions; it’s the filter that ADS uses. According a person who recently replied to my post about my disappeared post or submission a couple of weeks ago, ADS began using this automatic filtering quite a while back, some years ago, because of too many unacceptable posts.

    Now what I posted at DS wasn’t unacceptable in terms of what was said in the post, but it might’ve been beyond the length that DS wishes to permit. After all, what was said in the post is all fact-based and known by many people, even if not by everyone, and often or usually censored by msm corporate media, as well as many “alternative” media.

    • This is very weird, or certainly something I’ve never seen happen, before, anyway. After I submitted the above post about my initial post having been deleted, and the page reloaded, the initial post shows up. WEIRD! And the explanation must be found with the configuration or software for the website or blog, WP, or the comment server, and I suppose the latter is a WP server; but then maybe WP uses a server produced by some company, or from shareware or the freeware world.

      Have you, DS, ever read from anyone else who’s commented about the same or a similar experience?

      Maybe it’s a WP “thing”. I created a WP account some months back, but haven’t begun to make use of it yet for creating my own articles, and haven’t looked into the particular details about using WP. So, and if the disappeared and later-reappearing post sort of experience is due to the software or server that WP employs, maybe WP provides an online explanation for this. I should get around to checking for WP online help and/or usage information one of these days, but won’t take time out for this today.

      “Funky” behaviour it is; sort of nerve-wracking, really.

      • Now, I’d prefer, especially if you also prefer, that you delete these three posts, leaving only my initial one in place. SVP; but only if it’s not too much trouble for you to do this, which, if it is, then maybe other readers of your blog who happen to come across these two posts, above, will be able to benefit from them. Deleting these three posts (not the initial one) would help to clean out the comments of this DS page of unnecessary posts, and if the information in the two posts, above, might be useful to other visitors in the future, then a brief write-up based on the two posts, above, could be placed in a separate file and hyperlinked somewhere near the comment box, say.

        • Yes, there seems to be some sort of glitch, and maybe it’s something about WP while I am using Firefox, the current version; or perhaps it has something to do with one or more of the add-ons (extensions) that I’ve installed with Firefox. The add-ons haven’t been a problem with commenting at AfterDowningStreet.org, but I’ve also added a few more extensions since the start of yesterday and haven’t been back to ADS for a few days; being busy with viewing some documentary videos, the Web browser hanging a … little too much, and just doing 9/11-related study.

          Anyway, if none of the above reasons are the cause of this glitch, then perhaps I hadn’t yet confirmed WP subscription for posting in this page. I thought to have done this [before] reloading this page, but maybe I hadn’t.

          When my post wasn’t appearing, no posts did. And I believe that another reader had already posted. So neither my initial post nor the other person’s post appeared.


        • Was it the comment with links in it? Those are held automatically until I approve them. I’m a night person so if it was left in the morning I wouldn’t see it until the afternoon (when I wake up).

          Why you couldn’t find the post again I have no idea. There are glitches that happen. I had someone else’s post from a WP blog on my recent posts list the other day. And I was able to edit it. I emailed the WP support so they were aware of the glitch, then I deleted the post. Very strange though.

        • Quote: “Was it the comment with links in it? Those are held automatically until I approve them. I’m a night person so if it was left in the morning I wouldn’t see it until the afternoon (when I wake up)”.

          Yes, that was the initial post, the one that I said didn’t show up, until after having started this complaint thread. I think to have posted it in the afternoon or evening, but I’m not precisely sure, for I do a lot of study and follow links to check out the contents, etcetera, so I’ll forget little things like what time that I made posts.

          Maybe I posted too late or early in the day. I can’t say.

          Quote: “Why you couldn’t find the post again I have no idea.
          There are glitches that happen. I had someone else’s post
          from a WP blog on my recent posts list the other day. And I
          was able to edit it. I emailed the WP support so they were
          aware of the glitch, then I deleted the post. Very strange

          Yes, WP has some bugginess. F.e., in the
          subscriptions-to-blog management page, I selected all subscriptions awaiting an action and selected them all, after
          which I chose the Bulk Action option and then clicked on
          the confirmation link for the first subscription, figuring that
          Bulk Action would apply the same action to all of the subscriptions that were selected. Only the first subscription was
          confirmed, so I then confirmed the rest, individually.

          Bulk Action should be about doing the same thing to all selected items, but it didn’t work out this way.

          Also, the text in the very narrow comment box I’m now writing in does not wrap well. Some words vanish from view, though are visible if a hard break is entered by pressing the Enter or Return key just before these words. The rest of the text does continue on the following line though. So wrapping, automatically, is working, but not fully; that is, not with the comment box having become as narrow as it is now.

          Maybe that’s due to an extension added to my Firefox browser yesterday, but this shouldn’t be the problem, and WP either has a buggy Bulk Action option for subscriptions awaiting an action, or should at least add a brief explanation for how to use this option. I didn’t see a confirmation link separate from the ones for with each subscription, so clicking on any confirmation link of any selected subscription should work for all selected subscriptions when Bulk Actions is also selected. If only one subscription is selected, then the action would obviously apply to only this subscription, but if others are also selected, then the same action should apply to all of the selections.

          If the server is by WP, then its programmers have some work to do, including to make text wrap correctly when writing in comment boxes that have become very narrow due to nesting, say. And WP could provide a brief explanation for how to use the Bulk Action option.

        • Anyone can post their comments whenever they like, but if there’s at least one link it will go in the moderation file and then I’ll have to approve or not approve it before it shows up. After blogging here for almost 3 years I also have certain “words” (mostly names) that are under moderation so occasionally those who comment have their comments put into moderation if any of those “words” are used. It’s all done automatically and people need to understand that it’s just one person managing this blog so they need to have patience. Almost all comments are approved but at any time I can delete them if I believe the comment is inappropriate to the post for whatever reason.

          I don’t know how the subscriptions work other than to go to “manage”. WP handles it themselves.

        • That’s all understandable and I appreciate clean management or moderation of reader comments. I’ve often found it annoying to find many pointless, malicious, narrow-minded, … reader comments and the lack of moderating these out, say. I wholly support your approach and wish all website moderators would do the same as yourself.

          So I’ll certainly be patient. I just got confused yesterday because when I first posted my initial post, it immediately appeared after the page reloaded, but then it was gone the next day; and I tried reloading the page a couple of times, once within the same Firefox tab the article was re-opened in and then in a separate tab, and the post didn’t show up. But the comment post by another reader also didn’t appear. No reader comments did. Then I started this complain thread and after making the first post of it, suddenly the other reader’s comment and my initial post both appeared.

          That’s quite some “magical” touch that WP has.

          As for the “manage” option or tab of WP, I just checked for that and didn’t see it. In the “Subscription Management” page, I only see links for Blogs, Comments and Settings. The email notification for the subscription when a new one is generated says that the “manage” page or tab permits selecting a setting to receive daily notifications, but I don’t see that; only seeing, for the “Delivery Window” parameter in the “Settings” page, the ability to select time of day and the day of the week. To the right of the latter field or drop-down selection menu is a little text reading, “Delivery times are used for daily and weekly subscriptions respectively”.

          There’s no option to select there for daily or weekly notifications. There are only the two aforementioned fields, for time of day and weekday; nothing to be able to set daily or weekly delivery.

          If you see that third option field or parameter, then I don’t. The only other fields or parameters, or settings, that I see are, “Email format”, “Subscribed email address”, and the “Block subscriptions” checkbox.

        • Here is the info from WP on subscriptions: http://en.support.wordpress.com/subscriptions/

          You can have the subscription set to either daily (set the time) or weekly. When I said “manage” I meant that’s the first thing you need to click. There is no “manage” button once you are there.

          Glad you like the clean moderation here. I do try to keep out spam, spam-like, and overly violent or name calling comments. I’ve even deleted some of my good friends comments with a note to keep the comments to the point without the name calling. Who wants to go to a post with a lot of comments that aren’t on topic or are overly aggressive?

    • I have no idea what you are talking about???

      I haven’t removed any posts.

      One or more of your comments went automatically to the moderation file because they had links, but I approved all of them.

      And yes, your comments are way too long, I and possibly many of the readers don’t have the time to read them all. Try making your point(s) shorter, please.

      Not sure what you are talking about with the subscriptions? Do you mean the comment notifications through email so you get an email message saying someone replied to one of your comments? Or are you talking about the subscription to the blog posts? Either way DS has no way to control them. You have to go to “manage” and do it yourself. You can stop following a particular post or whatever there.

      • Quote: “And yes, your comments are way too long, I and possibly many of the readers don’t have the time to read them all. Try making your point(s) shorter, please”.

        It’s difficult to say much less, for there are many important sources of information and analysis about the drug war topic, HOWEVER what I should and could do is to write articles and post them in my WP account, where I haven’t yet begun to make use of the blog, which I should do. Then I could just provide a few words and links to the articles when posting comments on articles and videos.

        What I really need is a few good discussion forums, with full forum format and functionality; and I don’t mean social networking sites like Facebook, etcetera, but real discussion forums independent of CIA involvement with the providers of the websites. It was reported some years ago that Facebook was very much a CIA sort of … thing and I don’t know if this is true, but it’s not unlike the agency to do things like setting up social networking sites, coloured revolutions, and so on. I am not speaking of mere CIA moles, or whatever people call them, trolls, maybe. It’s much more involvement than that sort of … annoyance.

        Re. the subscriptions and reply notifications, yes for both. I hadn’t posted in a WP-based website or blog before, so this subscription-to-blog posts is totally or very new to me. I’ve had experience with something somewhat similar in concept though. It was links like “Watch this thread” or “Watch this forum” (for changes) that some websites and discussion forums have, and which I think some websites alternatively call “Watch this page” or “Notify me when changes are made to this page”, some similar wording anyway. The way the WP subscription is done and managed differently; but seems similar in concept, a little.

  2. Excellent, except not all drugs are dangerous. Everyone calls marijuana a drug and it’s not dangerous at all. I’ve known enough people who consumed cocaine without it being dangerous, though they were very moderate consumers and that’s if moderate isn’t too strong of a term. Rather, they were light consumers and no one would’ve known unless these consumers spoke about it. Heroin is dangerous for health due to it being highly addictive, but an addict who has his or her fix is not dangerous; they can function well enough when they need a “fix” and have it. This has been [proven] with the serious decline in crimes committed in places where heroin and cocaine consumption stopped being treated as a criminal offence and community clinics were put in place for these consumers to be able to get their “fixes”. It’s what has been reported for England, as well as for Vancouver, B.C. (Canada), anyway; but I also believe that these reports are very true.

    The black market, like the police officer emphasizes, is what’s really dangerous.

    I haven’t viewed the two documentary films yet, but two directed by Kevin Booth are relevant for this topic; “American Drug War: The Last White Hope”, released in 2007 and which is available at Google Videos, among or besides other websites, and “How Weed Won The West”, released in 2010. I don’t think the latter film is available at Google in full version, but there are plenty of trailers and other clips available, including some clips from The Alex Jones Show, which might be clips from a show that weren’t titled based on the film’s title, but while people making the clips used the title of the film.

    Kevin Booth did an interview or two on The Alex Jones Show and viewers can learn about the two documentaries from these interviews.

    “Kevin Booth Exposes CIA Controlled Drug Running Business in Latest Dvd on The Alex Jones Show”, Part 1 of 4 ( 9:19)

    TheAlexJonesChannel, Mar 16 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mEvhhuptlY

    They spoke of “Freeway Ricky Ross” and he also gave or did an interview on The Alex Jones Show.

    “Freeway Ricky Ross on Alex Jones Tv: How The CIA Supply, Control, Operate The Drug Business”, Part 1 of 5 (10:48)

    TheAlexJonesChannel, Feb 3 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBU7P5y4PsQ

    These interviews are really rather important and I am pretty sure that Kevin Booth gave more than one. Doing a search of Youtube using his name and the channel name, there certainly are different titles that include his name.

    I definitely recommend viewing those interviews.

    The CIA’s profiteering in the phony drug war:

    The video of this DS page immediately reminded me of Mike Ruppert’s Cops vs CIA website, which is very aka FromTheWilderness.com. I looked at FTW a couple of weeks ago and it’s still up, but has become only an archive, for he now provides current writings at or in his blog; and I am pretty sure to have gotten the link for the blog at FTW.

    It also reminds me of what former CIA station chief in Angola, etcetera, John Stockwell spoke of in videos about the CIA’s drug-running and -controlling ways.

    There’s also Michael Levine, former DEA agent or officer, who is a “whistleblower”.

    There’s the story of Gary Webb, who was evidently assassinated because of his investigative reporting on drug-running by, I believe, the FBI.

    Former Governor Jesse Ventura gave a very good interview on The Alex Jones Show I believe earlier this month, during the first week if I recall correctly, and they talk about the CIA being very much, rather highly, involved in international drug trafficking, and Jesse Ventura pleads for listeners or viewers to support the full legalisation of marijuana in California this year, because the state, among 14 or 15 in all, wants to legalize, but while he adds that it’s necessary to legalize due to keeping it a black market substance and, therefore, trade, business, is the reason for the major number of people murdered along the Mexico-California border. He either said that since the start of this year, alone, or else over the past year, 17,000 people were murdered in this area or region by the violent drug traffickers.

    Who do we have to “thank” for such violence? Well, there are of course the perpetrators, but there are also the CIA and surely, I believe anyway, FBI and DEA.

    Like we repeatedly, enough anyway, learn from these people who know plenty about the details the federal gov’t and its agencies secretly, or so they’d prefer to have been able to keep it, being the real “king pins” in the international drug trafficking. I didn’t quote “king pins” from what any of these people have said, for it’s only what I derive from what we learn from these people about the CIA, etcetera, being in the international drug-trafficking business.

    As we can learn from some of these people, the U.S. military, some of its top “brass” anyway, are also involved, and, “man”, can it transport a lot of these “goods” or products. After all, and like with the CIA and DEA, none of them need to go through clearance inspections upon returning to the USA. There are no Customs inspection points to pass through for them. They can smuggle vast, huge quantities in crates that are well sealed, f.e., and very few people would know about what’s really inside of these containers.

    Not all of the aforementioned people state the latter re-entry without inspection part of the whole “story”, or business, but some people have explicitly spoken about this. I believe that it’s mentioned in the Alex Jones interview that Kevin Booth provided, and possibly also the one with former Gov. Ventura; but I listened to a video a few days ago and it interviewed a Americans who had secretly worked for the CIA, flying I think cocaine, large quantities of it, into the USA for the agency. This video was probably at either Google Videos or else at Youtube, since these are where most videos I view are located, but it might have been at vodpod.com, as well. However, using the Google Videos search engine and searching for “drug war” turns up plenty of links to … many videos for our education.

    The CIA, which I’ve learned is around 90% operations, 10% analytical, the analysts, today, doesn’t like to be dependent on Congress and being accountable to it, so the black market business is very attractive, say, to the CIA. By using the black market, the agency’s operations branch (say) gets a lot of funds for carrying out covert, black ops that the Congress can easily be kept totally ignorant of, and the CIA carries out a lot of these ops, globally. By keeping the Congress ignorant, it’s therefore easier to keep much of the population ignorant, as well.

    Thankfully, we have some people who alert and investigative minds, as well as “whistleblowers”.

    And black market business is certainly not only profitable with respect to the drugs business. Many, perhaps most, Americans are unaware of the main reasons for conflicts in African countries, and there are a couple of reasons that I’ll mention. We know or certainly should know, by now, that the U.S. elites are aiming for achieving global domination and that this definitely is for economic dominination, but this requires criminal use of the U.S. military (and NATO) as well as criminal foreign policies; and a heck of a lot of cover-up, to try to keep us all ignorant of what’s really going on by our so-called political and economic leaders.

    That can be thought of as black market business at the ultimate or supreme scale, I believe; like when former USMC Major General Smedley Butler wrote his book, “War is a Racket”. Rackets are black market matters or activities.

    The other example that I have in mind is the cause of the major genocide in the Congo. Our so-called news media have kept us very ignorant of what’s really going on in that country, as usual of the media; including “left media”. But what’s going on is major genocide for the profit of western corporations, perhaps especially U.S. corporations, but I’m not sure if they’re [especially] worse than others in the Congo. However, they have been and want to continue robbing the Congolese people(s) of their profitable natural resources; several minerals, as well as diamonds. And they don’t want to pay a fair price for these resources, so they and our gov’ts secretly arrange to be able to rob these people of their natural resources with extreme brutality and other injustices; while our so-called media reports only what the profiteering elites permit, which is little of the truth and very much for lies, deception.

    Keith Harmon Snow, http://www.allthingspass.com, has written extensively about the real situation in the Congo, as well as in Rwanda and some other African countries; while having, I believe, a greater focus on the Congo. There are some videos online for presentations by him, and he’s the investigative sort of writer. He’s been to the Congo several times for sufficient periods of time, and travelled throughout the country while putting his life at risk, to determine the truth and then report it. He’s someone we hardly ever see mention of on the Internet, and a few people have said that he’s been mistaken about a few things, but if he is, and it’s not certain to me that he is, then by far most of what he has written is truthful, truly describing the real situation in the Congo and the causes of the extremely bad situation there.

    That is black market racket business that our mining corporations and gov’ts have been and continue to be committing.

    But, oh, alas, like Henry Kissinger said, the human population strategically needs to be reduced to manageable, say, size or numbers, needing to bring it down several billion, or more. And he’s not the only “elite” who’s stated this view. I believe to have read that among the others are David Rockefeller, this mean, nasty, … sick old man.

    A last note and with respect to international drug trafficking, the BANKS, the BIG BANKS, greatly profit from this business, also. This should be easy to understand. After all, a lot of the huge and tax-exempt, as well as very secret, profits from the drug trafficking are laundered through major banks. And it’s obvious that the chiefs of these banks are far from being ethical. Their consciences stop at the “almighty” dollar.

    If it was not for all of this reality in the international drug trafficking business, then it’s easy to understand that it would be easy for gov’ts to truly end the drug trafficking, or most of it anyway.

    They have no intention of stopping it. It’s one of their main RACKETS.

  3. I’m glad that there is finally an organization such as LEAP, made up of the professionals who have to deal with this problem on a daily basis, and who have the credentials and understanding of the true nature of this beast. Yes, it is money driven and a business, and if the government controlled, regulated and taxed all drugs, then there would surely be less of a crime problem, and some of the funds raised by taxing it could go to more education and drug rehab; many of those addicted want help, but can’t afford it. Let’s move forward and solve this scourge. Thank you again, to the courageous, uncorrupted law enforcement officers who are willing to see the truth and act upon it.

    • What I additionally found interesting about LEAP when checking its website either yesterday or early this morning is that it is [international]. It’s not only a U.S. organisation. It began in the U.S., I believe anyway, but it has become international.

      And it’s Law Enforcement AP, instead of Police Offiers AP. That is, it includes judges and other law enforcement people.

      Also, it’s great that any citizen can sign up to join.

      Their non-exclusiveness makes it an especially great organisation.

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