Sowing The Seeds Of Violence by Bruce Gagnon

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by Bruce Gagnon
featured writer
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Organizing Notes
April 29, 2010

A Mad Tea Party
by Helen Cox, used with permission

I am on the train to NYC and the wireless connection seems to come and go on this “Downeaster”.

I got an email this morning from a Tea Party list that somehow got my name. One line in particular that stands out is “Arizona is being targeted by millions of illegal aliens for race riots!”

A virtual call to arms is now being sounded by some Tea Party organizers. One of them says:

“How many more Citizens must die before Washington realizes America is under a full scale attack? will NOT negotiate our values. We will NOT stand down and we will NOT go silently into the night. ”
Stephen Eichler J.D. Executive Director –

It is supremely obvious to me that the ruling elite in America recognize that people of color will be the majority population in the coming years and they don’t like that fact one bit. Just like the apartheid regime in South Africa, during the early 1980’s, they are embarking on a dangerous and divisive strategy to turn angry white voters (who see the nation slipping away) against blacks and Hispanics. The white working class conservatives refuse to see that it is the corporations who have moved their jobs overseas – not the Mexican immigrant who in fact has also seen their economy destabilized south of the border by the corporate NAFTA trade agreement that threw many of them off their small farms as agribusiness moved in and took over their lands.

Tons of corporate money is now being pumped into the Tea Party movement to make leaders out of marginal people who otherwise could not have dreamed of getting their hands on such a cash infusion and non-stop media coverage.

I worry that the next step will be a national call for the cowboys (with their loaded guns) to come to Arizona in order to “defend the state from the rising hoards of brown skin illegal aliens”. That is when the shooting could start. It would be a deadly mix of guns, racism, religion, and misguided social policy that will help to redirect the growing anger away from the corporate oligarchy who are ultimately responsible for the mess we have today in America. As Chris Hedges has previously written, this is how Yugoslavia came apart at the seams.

The primary thing we can do is continually point out to the public that our economic collapse has not been caused by Mexicans. It is the direct result of corporate policies to move millions of jobs overseas for cheap labor and the inevitable huge costs of endless war.

The coming national debate over immigration must be viewed in the larger context of corporate policies. People of good will had better speak out soon, loudly, and often, if we hope to avert an ugly fall to violence.


Immigrant-bashers occupy land stolen from Mexico (2006) + Robert Erickson: Here’s to the State of Arizona

Behind the Arizona Immigration Law: GOP Game to Swipe the November Election by Greg Palast

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The New Secessionists by Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges: War is a Force that Gives us Meaning (2004; must-see; transcript)

10 thoughts on “Sowing The Seeds Of Violence by Bruce Gagnon

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  4. blame the tea party , sarah palen , who else ? blame blame blame . the violence toward this nation and 5 other nations : afghanistan , pakistan , iraq , somalia , and Yeoman , is not coming from the dissenters , it is coming from the commander in cheif Barak Obama . just like it did with George W. Bush .
    lay the blame where it should be .
    unfortunatly , when Obama bombs Iran , then maybe more people will wake up to this monster . ..and dissent .

    the loss of jobs is corporate run ..yes . but rememebr –anyone who supports illgal aliens also supports explotation . they cant form untions . they work , and then sometimes dont get paid . the 2 party system loves this . their suppoers love this . and legal citizens are out of a job .

    THIS IS NOT A RACE ISSUE . THAT IS RACE BAITING . IT IS A CLASS EXPLIOTATON ISSUE , where cheap labor is involved. pay a man a living wage and stop supporting this abuse of illegals for your own gain .

    • This article isn’t about blame, it’s about sounding the alarm on far-right extremist fascists which are, historically an extension of the state; just as is the criminal underworld.

      While I agree there is a level of violence perpetrated against the American people by the state, I also think the degree of which can’t be held at the same standard as the other countries you point to. To make a comparison is an insult to those people. Consider for a moment, these are landscapes where SOF’s, Counter-Insurgency op’s, death squads, collateral murder and other bombing campaigns are funded using US tax dollars and 8,000 tons of Afghan opium, warlords, druglords, and a fascist Taliban regime coming into the US-Nato fold under the umbrella of reconciliation and reintegration with bags of gold, because of coarse, the dollars are absolutely worthless.

      Realistically, it isn’t Obama nor Bush nor Hitler that are/were actually committing crimes against humanity. Most capitalist politicians don’t get their hands dirty. Their level of involvement is/was rather minimal and/or limited. One man can’t physically do what takes an entire state apparatus, armies and supporting populations. Obama isn’t going to bomb Iran, he’ll let other people do it for him, while organizing brain-dead cheerleaders. Which isn’t hard to do, considering the rise of mental-illness in America caused from the harmful diets, steady pollution and over prescription.

      Many American’s have a naive and primitive understanding of how power and capitalism really works.

      The legality of immigrants is a human rights issue. To say otherwise is an insult to anyone with a brain living in a land of immigrants, who’s ancestors originally slaughtered the indigenous, and enslaved other continents to build up their wealth. By definition, nobody other than the indigenous are legal here. Legal citizen my ass. To say a human being is ‘illegal’ is a violation against all life and all creation.

      The ruling class conditions people with the poison.

      What your subscribing to is called, class chauvinist nationalism, a sort of class protectionism, which is actually counter-revolutionary exclusion and opportunism. Your error is assigning a value to human life using doublespeak on what or who is legal in a corrupted framework, weaved from an absolute history of racism to divide the classes. I think your position for a living wage aims to low. We desperately need an overthrow of the wage system. What your calling for actually defends and preserves the illegitimate capitalist system and imperial state.

      Supporting immigrants builds us bridges and consolidates people power!

      If you actually read the report I linked to you’d see what a hollow shell the tea party actually is. The report is an excellent intellectual analysis of this corporate front for the republican party. I’d add some of these people are complete brain-dead lunatics master baiting on race with their twin pillars of:

      A.) Fundamentalism

      [audio src="" /]

      B.) Sado-masochism.

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