Chris Hedges: Media Sanitizes War

From my old blog, this is why I started blogging:

What we need on our nightly TV news and in our newspapers are coffins and dead babies, and mutilated soldiers. We have a media blackout on showing what war is really all about. I hold the media responsible as well as our govt. — Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
April 30, 2010


April 30, 2010 — Chris Hedges speaks on war at Capitol Hill teach in


War on war: Anti-war protests


April 29, 2010 — The anti war movement was back in action on Capitol Hill today and they were being arrested. They came to discuss what congress can do to end US wars and build a more peaceful Middle East. They were also digging a bit deeper into the overall problem of US militarism worldwide. David Swanson says it is time the administration listens to its advisors and get out of these two wars.


US War Crimes Exposed: Revelations of an American Soldier by Finian Cunningham

The Eikenberry Cables

Chris Hedges: War is a Force that Gives us Meaning (2004; must-see; transcript)

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  10. MSM continues to remain MUM!

    If MSM didn’t sanitize ‘murder’ they wouldn’t be able to continue getting away with this:

    WikiLeaks—Collateral Murder

    As long as MSM remains content in ignoring this, they to become complicit to ‘murder’ and cover-up.

    “Just look at that pile of dead bastards over there”

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