No space on Earth for the thunder of peace & conscience

No space on earth for peace and conscience? Hearing the music in our Afghan thunder

Abdulai, Afghan boy

13 year old Abdulai


May 01, 2010

No space on earth for peace and conscience?

Hearing the music in our Afghan thunder

Abdulai had recently applied for a US visa upon being invited by Fellowship of Reconciliation USA for a State-side peace tour this summer. He was hoping to meet his new friends face-to-face, as human beings do.

Sadly, the most ‘powerful’ nation on earth rejected him for fear that he might not return to his widowed Afghan mother and to the only home he’s known in a mountain village in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

“The world may have made you think that my mother, my brothers and I are bad people but, like yourself, we are tired of violence, corruption & selfish governments.”

Abdulai wants to talk about all these things but he has not been given the space.

No space on earth !?

Since The US government has not allowed Abdulai to meet his friends in the States,

is there any one country on our earth in the year 2010 A.D. that would host Abdulai and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers together with Palestinian, Israeli Jew, Iraqi, American and international peacemakers?

If you could help in any way to make such a journey possible for the ordinary people of the world, please contact us at or or make a request to your peace-seeking governments to host Abdulai and his international friends, so we can have those warm conversations that give life meaning and love.


October 2009 Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers hold a peace vigil for President Obama to hear their peace message “Reconciliation of Civil Hearts”. The vigil ended with a visit by the US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry, who promised to deliver their message to President Obama.

Oct 2009 to March 2010 Tele-conversations and friendships grow between the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers and American, Israeli Jew, Palestinian, Iraqi and other peacemakers.

March 2010 Fellowship of Reconciliation USA invites Abdulai, Faiz Ahmad and Hakim for a peace exchange trip in the States in the summer of 2010. An Iraqi, an Israeli Jew, a few Palestinian and American peacemakers join the People’s Journey to a Peace Beyond Dismissal.

March 2010 Abdulai, Faiz Ahmad and Hakim apply for US visas at the US Embassy in Kabul Afghanistan and their visa applications are rejected.

May 2010 Question : Is there any space or place on earth who can host these ordinary, international peacemakers?

In the non-violent spirit of the Gandhi Salt March, we ordinary people from Afghanistan, Israel / Palestine, Iraq and America will tour together to :

1. Raise the People’s Voice of Peace beyond dismissal

The everyday concerns of the people have been silenced by the elite’s self-aggrandizing thirst for yet more money and power.

We the people have borne enough, so we will unequivocally raise our Voice of Peace, knowing that this Voice is the thunder of conscience that everyone yearns to hear.

We cry : Listen to the People Again!

2. Educate to widen the People’s Opinion of Peace beyond dismissal

The partisan narratives of increasingly inconsiderate systems have quenched the depth of creative inquiry and the breadth of human empathy.

We seek to make common the widespread human stories of war and reconciliation, and with regards to non-violence and equal dignities, to keep asking why not.

We cry : Think about  the People Again!

3. Call for through a 2010 People’s Resolution of Peace that cannot be dismissed, which is the urgent establishment of an independent, international body of appointed peace representatives.

This group of peacemakers would build wide-scale conciliatory relations for an inter-dependent global community, and work towards ending wars and occupations through non-violence.

To support this 2010 People’s Resolution of Peace, we ask you and fellow people to stand together in your streets and valleys all over the world on International Day of Peace 21st of September 2010, expressing the love and joy of the global community so that, beyond dismissal, this resolution would be met.

We cry : Love the People Again!

Actions to take

Please join us in our small but growing effort to listen to the people, think about the people and love the people again by :

1.        Giving your voice of peace and hand of friendship to Abdulai by sending YES! to

2.        Sharing our struggle to listen to the people, think about the people and love the people, by saying everywhere and sending emails out to your friends and contacts that “Love is how we’ll ask for peace!” Perhaps, hold media activities, forums, discussions or seminars and sttir up this heart-storm of love!

Committing to the 2010 People’s Resolution of Peace by organizing or participating in a decentralized, direct, non-violent action wherever you are around the globe on International Day of Peace on the 21st of September 2010, for the fulfillment of this resolution. You would gather like-minded, peace-loving people on the streets and stand in unity to show the world’s elite that the people’s resolution of peace cannot be dismissed. List you action at

No space on earth for the thunder of peace & conscience


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