Vietnam and the Intellectuals: Chomsky vs Buckley (1969)

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Firing Line with William F. Buckley

TheEthanwashere·Jun 9, 2012

Inteview for Noam Chomsky’s first political book: American Power and the new Mandarins.

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It’s Not Too Late! Get Troops Out of Afghanistan by Ariel Ky

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by Ariel Ky
Dandelion Salad
Peacevisionary’s Blog
May 7, 2010

We need to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan.  The U.S. has already spent $227,000,000,000 on military operations in Afghanistan since 2001.   I want everyone who reads this to stop a moment and digest this fact, to connect it with the present state of the U.S. economy and what that kind of money could have accomplished to improve people’s lives, both in Afghanistan and the U.S.

And what has it achieved?  Most Afghanis just want us out of their country.  A recent ICOS (International Council on Security and Development) report, “Operation Moshtarak:  Lessons Learned” based on interviews conducted last month with over 400 Afghanis, found that 71% of Afghanis said they just wanted foreign troops to leave Afghanistan entirely.

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Why Not… Save Our Republic? by Philip A. Farruggio

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by Philip A. Farruggio
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
7 May, 2010

So many of my columns have been critiques of the status quo, the corporate state that we have regressed into. Yes, our nation is now fast becoming ( if not already ) a Banana Republic . Pretty soon, if no remedies are inserted, you will see cities and states sending off letters to pensioners telling them ‘ We cannot continue to pay you …. We have to cut your pension allowance. We also have to stop covering your health care as well; you will need to contribute most of the costs incurred. Sorry….. We’re……Broke ! ‘ At the same time, you will hear that most of America’s cities and towns are….. privatizing services! The new boss, some corporation, will layoff the workforce and then rehire them as ….. Independent contractors. Continue reading

Stock Market Collapse: More Goldman Market Rigging? by Dr. Ellen Brown

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by Dr. Ellen Brown
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
May 7, 2010

Last week, Goldman Sachs was on the congressional hot seat, grilled for fraud in its sale of complicated financial products called “synthetic CDOs.” This week the heat was off, as all eyes turned to the attack of the shorts on Greek sovereign debt and the dire threat of a sovereign Greek default. By Thursday, Goldman’s fraud had slipped from the headlines and Congress had been cowed into throwing in the towel on its campaign to break up the too-big-to-fail banks. On Friday, Goldman was in settlement talks with the SEC.

Goldman and Wall Street reign. Congress appears helpless to discipline the big banks, just as the European Central Bank appears helpless to prevent the collapse of the European Union. . . . Or are they?

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Rustbelt Rage by Noam Chomsky

by Noam Chomsky
In These Times
May 4, 2010

On Feb. 18, Joe Stack, a 53-year-old computer engineer, crashed his small plane into a building in Austin, Texas, hitting an IRS office, committing suicide, killing one other person and injuring others.

Stack left an anti-government manifesto explaining his actions. The story begins when he was a teenager living on a pittance in Harrisburg, Pa., near the heart of what was once a great industrial center.

His neighbor, in her ’80s and surviving on cat food, was the “widowed wife of a retired steel worker. Her husband had worked all his life in the steel mills of central Pennsylvania with promises from big business and the union that, for his 30 years of service, he would have a pension and medical care to look forward to in his retirement.

“Instead he was one of the thousands who got nothing because the incompetent mill management and corrupt union (not to mention the government) raided their pension funds and stole their retirement. All she had was Social Security to live on.”

He could have added that the super-rich and their political allies continue to try to take away Social Security, too.

via Rustbelt Rage — In These Times

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Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! Producers File Lawsuit Over RNC Arrests

RNC lots of cops
photo by Japhlet Bire Attias
used with permission
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Democracy Now!
May 5, 2010

Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! Producers File Lawsuit Over RNC Arrests

Democracy Now! host and executive producer Amy Goodman along with producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar are filing a federal lawsuit today that challenges the police crackdown on journalists at the Republican National Convention in 2008.

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U.S. officials: No credible evidence that terrorists trained Shahzad

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By Jonathan S. Landay and John Walcott
McClatchy Newspapers
May 6, 2010

No credible evidence has been found so far that the Pakistani-American man accused in the Times Square bombing plot received any serious terrorist training from the Pakistani Taliban or another radical Islamic group, six U.S. officials said Thursday.

“There is nothing that confirms that any groups have been found involved in this for certain,” one U.S. official told McClatchy. “It’s a lot of speculation at this point.”

Faisal Shahzad may have, at the most, had “incidental contact” with a terrorist organization, and he may have been encouraged to act, said one of the officials, who declined to elaborate further.


via U.S. officials: No credible evidence that terrorists trained Shahzad | McClatchy.


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