It’s Not Too Late! Get Troops Out of Afghanistan by Ariel Ky

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by Ariel Ky
Dandelion Salad
Peacevisionary’s Blog
May 7, 2010

We need to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan.  The U.S. has already spent $227,000,000,000 on military operations in Afghanistan since 2001.   I want everyone who reads this to stop a moment and digest this fact, to connect it with the present state of the U.S. economy and what that kind of money could have accomplished to improve people’s lives, both in Afghanistan and the U.S.

And what has it achieved?  Most Afghanis just want us out of their country.  A recent ICOS (International Council on Security and Development) report, “Operation Moshtarak:  Lessons Learned” based on interviews conducted last month with over 400 Afghanis, found that 71% of Afghanis said they just wanted foreign troops to leave Afghanistan entirely.

Despite this fact, we are being informed by General Petraeus that U.S. and NATO troops are mounting a major offensive this summer in Kandahar to route the Taliban from their southern stronghold.  Apparently these statements provoke no response from Americans.  It’s seen as business as usual, but it’s not.

I have been alternately raging and grieving about Kandahar for weeks now.  In my energy work as a shaman, I am sensitive to disturbances on the time space continuum, and this is a major one that can yet be prevented.

Kandahar Prophesy

The attack on Kandahar will unleash the kind of hatred that will quickly circle the globe and bring out the darkest in people’s souls.  An attack on Kandahar will be seen as naked aggression that will turn most Afghanis and many other people strongly against Americans.  An attack on Kandahar will be the biggest mistake the U.S. has ever made.   It will be a deliberate slaughter.   And there will be retaliation springing up again and again for generations.

If people don’t stop this offensive on Kandahar, it’ll be a gateway to hell for Americans, for our children, grandchildren and future generations to come.  We have a right to a world at peace… for everyone.  We have a right to flourish, to have a good life, and to live in harmony.


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4 thoughts on “It’s Not Too Late! Get Troops Out of Afghanistan by Ariel Ky

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  2. In for a dime, in for a dinar. The U.S. is proving Ayatollah Khomeini was right: We ARE the Great Satan. Since WW2 we’ve killed, directly or via surrogates and puppets, over seven MILLION innocent people. To those responsible with any sense of spirituality (an oxymoron, I know) perhaps they figure they’re already going to HELL so what difference do another half million make? The attitude of these elites was best portrayed by Slick Willies Sec’y of State, Mad’ Albright, who told Leslie Stahl, on national TV, “We think [killing half a million Iraqi kids] was worth it because it showed sanctions were working.” No one in the administration, not Gore, Hillary or any of the loyal Demonrats ever disavowed that statement. Patty Murray lauded Albright when she spoke in Seattle, honoring her “service.” We ARE the greatest evil in the world today, and deserve the same ignominy that Germany received. We HUNG Germans for what we’re doing: preemptive war. God does NOT bless America.

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