Vietnam and the Intellectuals: Chomsky vs Buckley (1969)

replaced video Feb. 12, 2013

Firing Line with William F. Buckley

TheEthanwashere·Jun 9, 2012

Inteview for Noam Chomsky’s first political book: American Power and the new Mandarins.


Rustbelt Rage by Noam Chomsky

4 thoughts on “Vietnam and the Intellectuals: Chomsky vs Buckley (1969)

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  2. when firing line went off the air and william f. buckly with it , we lost the last great show for civilized dialogue and debate in the british tradition .
    Buckly was conservative when it was not hip to be that way . he provided a forum for all different ideas .
    now what we have are just sound barks and sound bites.

  3. I remember playing this one back to back over and over, Chomsky stomped the poor frightened conservative! And that was when conservatives had pretentious anglophilic accents and horse-farms.

    But Buckley had no idea the disease he spread, even he’d be too smart to tolerate what conservo-spricists turned into! I dont know what a liberal is, whether it’s the opposite of conservative or even interested in big gov, etc, but I for one would be far happier debating Buckleyites than this current batch!

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