BP’s Suttles Massages Numbers for Press


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May 10, 2010

There’s something very telling about the way a seasoned spokesperson uses numbers when holding a Public Affairs briefing. Today Mr. Suttles lived up to his name.

According to BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles on May, 10, video available here.

“We’ve completed 13 burns and burned approximately 13,000 barrels of crude so this new technique we’ve discussed previously seems to be very effective, and in addition we’ve skimmed almost 100,000 barrels of oily water mix.

The oil that’s been burned is approximately 546,000 gallons of the 4 million. But the significant number Mr. Suttles mentions is what he calls an “oily water mix” if that number, 100,000 barrels, was just oil then the slick would be gone. There was no follow-up about how much oil is actually in an “oily water mix” so there’s no way to quantify that statement. Though it may sound sizable “100,000 barrels” is a useless number and no measure of the impact of skimming on the spill. These highly massaged numbers are no help to the public. They represent a placebo to keep people from getting involved in the greater issues of clean-up, ecosystem protection, and clean fuel legislation.


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11 thoughts on “BP’s Suttles Massages Numbers for Press

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  3. Why are we not hearing up-close-and-personal follow-ups of the lives and deaths of the 11 oil workers who died in the BP disaster?! Is 11 oil workers so insignificant to the 22 who died in a coal mine?!?!

      • Thank you for the link–Hartmann raises even more mystery surrounding this event…such as BP execs being present at the very time of the event.

        Within the first 3 days of the disaster, I saw and heard on cable TV a newsman reporting that the federal government had either sent or offered assistance to BP and BP said they could handle it themselves. Yesterday, somewhere on the web, I read that BP is filming extensively the area of the leaking and does not release any of the video.

        Not too much on which to offer a theory, but plenty of suggestions to spell “Hush-up.” Also gives a new meaning to “covering the news.”

        • Thanks, Lo, for all your follow-up to my inquiries. I knew I could count on you to CARE about the incomplete nature of disclosure of corporate mentalities and the Pavlovian dispositions of mass media press!

          If I hear one more time a news contributor take my name in vain by saying “the American people” this or that, I’m going to have an oil leak myself!

          However, I hasten to add my cognizance that the whole world of mankind is in a tumultuous realignment of how to conduct living, including our very sense of identity as human. Eventually a brand new page of “commonality” must arrive. (Dig the blurps about extraterrestrial visitors! Fear and hope are close cousins, eh!?)

          You are sincere, Lo; Dandelion Salad and it’s cousins are “thinkers for themselves.” These qualities are the real gold!

        • Thank you so much, Annie. I actually do care very much about our entire planet and all its inhabitants (especially animals). I’m also optimistic in general about our collective future, although it probably will get much worse first. And we don’t have to wait until some catastrophe arrives (whatever that may be), we can live now building our local communities and our own economies.

        • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/14/gulf-oil-rig-victims-a-me_n_575497.html

          I checked Thom Hartmann’s site today and this link to Huffington Post was there. offering identities and tributes to the eleven workers who lost their lives. Also, the coverage indicates a Facebook account has been set up by the families.

          The one thing countless executives of money game-addicted corporations seem to lack is empathy for fellow human beings. And yet, I know, each one of the humans “in the game” knows surely they, too, are readily expendable by their own kind.

          Each one of us is challenged to re-identify our essential values as beings upon this planet. Personally, I think it is conceivable we are all ET’s from various other civilizations in the cosmos. We beings continue the process of understanding ourselves, integral with all that is and might be. (Imagination and compassion are key resources!)

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