The Brazen Turkish Lobby by Luke Ryland

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by Luke Ryland
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
crossposted on Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs Post
10 May, 2010

Leading Law Firm Hires Accused Criminal to Head Up New Office in Turkey

DLA Piper, one of the world’s largest international law firms, is opening for business in Turkey. According to The Lawyer magazine,”DLA Piper has been targeting Turkey after bringing on board (former Under Secretary of State) Marc Grossman.”

Choosing Marc Grossman to front for the Turkish operation is an unusual decision for DLA Piper. Grossman has been credibly accused of serious criminal activity involving the nuclear black market, facilitating terrorism, visa fraud, congressional bribery and blackmail. Former FBI Counterintelligence and Counterespionage Manager, John Cole has confirmed that the FBI investigated Grossman for a decade, and stated that the investigation was “buried and covered up.”

Under normal circumstances, one might expect that these allegations against Marc Grossman would hinder his career until the charges were confronted and dismissed, but the Turkish Lobby appears to applaud and appreciate Grossman’s ability to avoid any accountability.

In a recent court case regarding the Turkish Lobby and their operations in the US, former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds stated under oath (pdf) that she had first-hand knowledge that Marc Grossman has engaged in this serious criminal activities. These activities, these allegations against Grossman, were again highlighted and expanded upon in a November cover story for American Conservative magazine.

Given that the charges against Grossman are well documented and date back to his time as U.S. ambassador to Turkey in the mid-Nineties, and given his subsequent career success, one can only assume that his long rap sheet is not a source of shame or embarrassment, but is actually highlighted on his curriculum vitae. Undoubtedly, Grossman’s employers; DLA Piper, The Cohen Group, and the ‘alleged shady Ihlas Holdings have done their due diligence and know exactly what they are getting when they employ Grossman.

It is still an open question which of Grossman’s clients know exactly which ‘abilities’ they are paying when they pay Grossman to achieve their goals. Surely DLA Piper’s most ‘important’ clients recognized that Grossman’s tongue was firmly planted in his cheek when he recently told Zaman that “the whole purpose of law firms is to promote the rule of law and that the presence of DLA Piper and other international law firms in the Turkish market will add to the legal standards of Turkey.” In fact, this is such transparent nonsense, that it is easy to imagine Grossman’s ‘important’ clients applauding him for being so brazen, as if it were a nod-and-a-wink in their direction.

Of course, Grossman need not have said anything at all in the direction of his ‘important’ clients. The simple fact that one of the leading law firms in the world was willing to even consider Grossman for this position is the most brazen signal of all.


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