As Karzai Visits Washington D.C., Kucinich Says: End the War, Rebuild America

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by Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Washington, May 12, 2010

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement on the Floor of the House of Representatives concerning Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai’s visit to Washington:

“Afghan President Hamid Karzai is in Washington this week seeking another $33 billion to keep the war going and meeting with the White House to present his so-called “peace” proposal to allocate $160 million from international donors to fund new government bodies, pay off insurgents who agree to stop fighting and to undermine efforts to establish local governance.

“Ranked the second most corrupt government in the world only behind Somalia, Mr. Karzai’s blatant government corruption, his ties to big oil and Afghanistan’s most notorious drug pushers–including his own brother–is no secret. While he is being treated as royalty in Washington, millions of dollars shuffle through Kabul Airport unaccounted for and Mr. Karzai builds villas in Dubai. Meanwhile, I have constituents in Cleveland struggling to stay in their homes.

“The longer this charade of nation building and counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan continues, the more U.S. soldiers and innocent Afghani civilians die.

“He wants $33 billion for war to continue in Afghanistan. Here at home, Americans need jobs, access to education and health care. Billions would be better spent rebuilding America than sending it to Afghanistan to continue a war.

“Bring our troops home. End the war.”


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4 thoughts on “As Karzai Visits Washington D.C., Kucinich Says: End the War, Rebuild America

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  2. Congressman Kucinich is one of the few voices in the House of Representatives who adheres to his principles and tells it straight. Being outspoken and principled seems to be anathema to most of the other corrupt drones who supposedly represent us. I can only admire the voters of his district in Ohio who keep sending him back to Congress. We as voters and citizens have to tell our elected representatives exactly how we feel, right or left, and don’t vote for them if they don’t.

  3. Mr. Dennis Kucinich
    Dear Sir,
    As a Japanese, I perfectly agree with your saying ” Bring our troops home. End the war.” Now would you kindly echo me if I would say ” Take your troops home from Okinawa to help us become self-reliance and independent ?
    Yours truly,
    Toshiro Onoda
    an old man of 76 who believe in pacifist Constitution of Japan.

    • Mr. Onoda:
      Thank you for speaking out to a member of Congress. I have served in the Army in Korea and have seen first-hand how heavily a foreign army can tread on on another nation’s customs and traditions. I have read Chalmers Johnson’s books that address the issue of Okinawa bases in particular, and am ashamed that my government won’t listen to your countrymen, but the US government also won’t listen to their own people. Please know that there are many millions of Americans who want to bring all of our troops home from the 150 countries we have ensconced them in. I will continue to urge my Representative and my Senators to end our occupations world wide.

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