Oil spill: BP had wrong diagram to close blowout preventer


By Maria Recio, Dave Montgomery and Mark Washburn
McClatchy Newspapers
May 12, 2010

WASHINGTON — In the days after an oil well spun out of control in the Gulf of Mexico, BP engineers tried to activate a huge piece of underwater safety equipment but failed because the device had been so altered that diagrams BP got from the equipment’s owner didn’t match the supposedly failsafe device’s configuration, congressional investigators said Wednesday.

The oil well also failed at least one critical pressure test on the day that gas surged up the drill pipe and set the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig aflame, killing 11 and setting off a spill that has spewed 210,000 gallons of crude into the gulf every day for three weeks, according to BP documents provided to congressional investigators.

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  1. A novel method exists for capping and stopping uncontrolled deep subsea oil or gas or oil and gas well discharge using a dry dock type of ballast barge with an in situ blowout preventer (BOP), a means of sealing off a contained volume around the well head the barge and the barge BOP, using marine cement to act as a sealant, use of an accurate navigation and positioning system and a remote controlled means of maintaining the orientation of the barge on subsea descent and a remote means of localized release of the cement at depth.

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