45 US-led forces killed in Bagram + Taliban ‘responsible for Bagram attack’


[So far this is the only source that has said that “45” or “60” have been killed at Bagram.]

Wed, 19 May 2010 10:17:30 GMT

At least 45 US-led forces have been killed during an attack by Taliban militants on the US-run Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, the group claims.

A Press TV correspondent quoted a Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid as saying that 45 US-led soldiers including several army generals have been killed during the attack.

Mujahid added that the attack inflicted heavy losses to the airbase.

According to the Taliban spokesman, seven Taliban militants blew themselves up at the main gate of the base, leading to its opening and letting 13 Taliban militants enter the base.

He added that the remaining militants got away successfully after achieving their aim.

This is while in a different recount of the event according to a US military statement, five service members were wounded during the pre-dawn assault on Wednesday against the US airbase which is located 50 kilometers north of Kabul.

AP news agency quoted Capt. Chris Sukach, a US spokeswoman at Bagram, as saying that a “noncritical building” had been hit in the attack.


Taliban ‘responsible for Bagram attack’

Wed, 19 May 2010 17:07:53 GMT

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for an attack on the heavily fortified US-run Bagram Air Base, in which, the militants say, some 60 US-led troops were killed.

The US military confirmed that there had been a pre-dawn assault on the Bagram airbase. The army, however, said in a statement that one US-led trooper had been killed during the attack while nine others were injured, DPA reported.

“Nine US soldiers were wounded, and one of the buildings on the base suffered light damage,” read the statement. “Almost a dozen of the attackers and one US contract worker were killed.”

The nationality of the fallen soldier has not been released but most of the troops on the compound — one of the biggest US-led military bases in Afghanistan — are American.


via Taliban ‘responsible for Bagram attack’.


Taliban militants killed in Bagram air base attack


May 19, 2010 — At least 10 insurgents have been killed as they launched an attack on a major American air base in Afghanistan. A U.S. contractor also died in the assualt on Bagram, which is one the largest military bases in the country. Nine NATO personnel were wounded in the early-morning strike. It’s the second deadly attack on NATO forces by the Taliban in as many days, following the rush-hour suicide bombing in the capital, Kabul.

Taliban militants killed in Bagram air base attack


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    I don’t think any conservative or liberal, with all their infatuations with domestic televised politics truly understands where all our money is really going.

    It’s not what the budget would lead us to believe. The new WRL Pie Chart is out in the public domain. In all these years I’ve not yet heard anyone refute their numbers:

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  2. This is obviously a pointless and unwinnable war. It’s ruining all of our lives for a decade. NO end in sight.

    So why then do they still enlist? I’d rather live under a tarp as a bum feeding on Dandelion leaves from the sidewalk than invest my life and body in this absurdity.

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    Enlistees are warcriminal big-government deranged welfare queens. It’s time we all realize that and dissent paying for their non-heroic stupid wasted wounded lives.

    By law enlistees for these wars are war-criminals and should be jailed, but that would only be added expense, so let their fathers, who encouraged them to do this, change their bandages and bedpans and watch them be drunk and miserable like they were.

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