Dennis Kucinich: Our Survival Depends upon Reconciliation with, Not Exploitation of, the Natural World

by Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Washington, May 19, 2010

Congressman Dennis Kucinich D-OH today made the following statement on the Floor of the House of Representatives about the ongoing ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico:

“The Creator gave us a paradise, and we, appropriating the power of nature’s god, are turning our planet into a smoking, glowing, oily mess by plundering Mother Earth of her treasures and by refusing to recognize the growing evidence that our reliance on oil, coal and nuclear threatens our health, our security, our economy, our nation and the world.

“It is not as though there are no alternatives. Markets and industries have conspired for years to shelve the massive introduction of wind and solar technologies.

“Thousands of barrels of oil each day billow from the ocean floor, covering nearly twenty percent of the Gulf, and heading now towards the Florida Keys and the Atlantic Coast. Must we wait until all coastal areas are ruined, all fish, all birds, all animals are injured or killed, before we realize that drilling presents a threat to the fragile ecology of life?

“We cannot afford to passively witness the destruction of our natural environment, because written in the oily sands of the Gulf is the degrading of all life on the planet.

“Our world exists through fragile, interconnected systems of life. Our survival depends upon reconciliation with, not exploitation of, the natural world.”


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11 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: Our Survival Depends upon Reconciliation with, Not Exploitation of, the Natural World

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  6. Yes, Dennis Kucinich you are absolutely correct. I only wish that there were more than one of you in our: out of control, out of touch, deplorably corrupted, corporate based, homicidal, suicidal, inept, insane, obviously blind and or sleeping government!

    And yet, I am ever so grateful that You ARE there, speaking the truth for those of us who have no audience, hence no real voice that can be heard.

    Please continue to remind your peers of what is so blatantly obvious, but apparently not recognized. A new precedent must be set, and future catastrophe’s averted and prevented once and for always.

    We the many people are counting on you and others to make changes NOW! Thank you for “standing tall”, in the face of mountains of ignorance and enforced complacency. Please continue – until the state of no sense, be brought back to common sense and to the common good of ALL.

    This prevalent state of subversion has grown to a point that is beyond dangerous. The future of all life is hanging in the balance of what happens from here on.

    Thank you Mr. Kucinich, and do not cease until order and intelligent reason is restored.

    Dabra Grant

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