Oil leak may be 19 times larger than BP and US government say + Latest Footage of Gas Burn Off



May 20, 2010 — One month after the fatal explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig, McClatchy journalists provide us with an update on the situation.

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Oil leak may be 19 times larger than BP and US government say

By Renee Schoof and Lauren French
McClatchy Newspapers
May 20, 2010

WASHINGTON — The latest glimpse of video footage of the oil spill deep under the Gulf of Mexico indicates that around 95,000 barrels, or 4 million gallons, a day of crude oil may be spewing from the leaking wellhead, 19 times the previous estimate, an engineering professor told Congress Wednesday.

The figure of 5,000 barrels, or 210,000 gallons, a day that BP and the federal government have been using for weeks is based on observations of the surface slick made by satellites and aircraft. Even NASA’s satellite-based instruments, however, can’t see deep into the waters of the gulf, where much of the oil from the gusher seems to be floating. The well is 5,000 feet below the surface.


via Gulf oil spill may be 19 times bigger than originally thought | McClatchy.


Latest Footage of Gas Burn Off at BP Oil Spill Site


May 20, 2010 — A small portion of the giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has reached a powerful current that could carry it as far as Florida and Cuba. Right now, BP is bringing a mixture of natural gas and oil up to a ship which is storing it and burning off the gas. The United States has already imposed a large no-fishing zone in waters affected by the spill.


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7 thoughts on “Oil leak may be 19 times larger than BP and US government say + Latest Footage of Gas Burn Off

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  5. It is UNBELIEVABLE! The lies that continue, while I personally feel deep disgust at those who “lead” us, acting as if nothing is wrong. Just catching a glimpse of President and First Lady dressed to the nines and smiling…….ready to dance, dine, and drink, I suppose, while untold devastation and destruction are looming. What is wrong with that picture? What is wrong with all the pictures?

    Meanwhile the rest of these “oil sucking ill-designed contraptions” with every corner cut to insure maximum corporate profit, are just additional accidents waiting to happen. Dennis Kucinich gets it. I guess the rest of our public servants are just too busy getting drunk on the opiates of power that are being fed to them, by those who wield the puppet strings.

    The lack of response and action to this catastrophic but very preventable gushing atrocity of destruction is perhaps the most frightening element to this. It isn’t as if I personally know what to do, but Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, seemed to have the correct response in officially scrapping the idea of doing offshore drilling in California, shortly after the BP gushing disaster occured.

    We need those who have some clout to come forward. Where is the concern of those who CAN be heard, unlike someone as myself who is not much more than a number. How about some celebrity action and those who can make some noise doing so.

    Is everyone asleep? As for me this nightmare is not allowing me to rest on some ridiculous feathered premise that all is well, because it is not well. This must be the pivotal point where change happens, and the people take back what has been hijacked by corporations who are obviously running a muck. Pun intended.

    • Thank you, Debra, your perceptions match my own. Seeing “what is” is taking in “all of it.” Just this morning it crossed my mind: Where does the money come from for the President of Mexico and his family to dress and enjoy the height of luxury we witness in our own President and family when countless of the constituency in both countries are struggling for shelter and food and medicine! I am brought back to that confusing and depressing book I had to read in 7th grade–The Tale of Two Cities.

      You and I, et al. are NOT just “a number.” We are living earthlings, none greater or smaller than any other!

  6. The Weather Underground (‘wunderground.com’; don’t get excited Limbaugh, it’s for seeing if it will rain, not ecoterrorists) has great photos & some blogs. Back when Gustav was hammering Cuba, this guy reminded us that there’s thousands of these things off our most beautiful coastlines and posted a map: http://www.wunderground.com/hurricane/2008/platform_loc.png
    All of this is in Hurricane Alley already, carelessness notwithstanding.

    Nevertheless floating slicks compute more than submerged solvent/surficant soup (‘dispersants’). BP needs to be scrapped and liquidated to cover the endless cleanup tragedy of our most beautiful beaches and waters. Are they promising to pay back Cuba & Mexico too when this washes up in their paradise? Who pays back the turtles, fish, pelicans & corals?

    Can’t believe it’s been a month with no end in sight.

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