Michel Chossudovsky: Their cure will kill us!



May 26, 2010 — Economist Michel Chossudovsky gives his assessment of what’s going on in the world of finances. He believes the worst of the global crisis is yet to come and all the measures taken to stop it are actually hurting the economy.

Their cure will kill us! Michel Chossudovsky on State of Financial Emergency


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12 thoughts on “Michel Chossudovsky: Their cure will kill us!

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  3. Besides the nationalizing of banks, what about natural resources?!? How can a company OWN the oil, for example, holding the world hostage?

    I’m trying to see all the “pieces” that determine living conditions for us all.

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  5. Well, Michel Chossudovsky is not saying anything new here … and he fails to pinpoint the problem which is this whole crisis was caused by banksters and the deepening of the crisis is caused by the bailout of these same banksters, in America, Britain and Europe.

    The way forward is simple … nationalize all central banks worldwide and print sovereign money born of no debt while stripping the private banks and financial institutions of all fractional reserve banking and / or leverage.

    In this way the seigniorage of currency and credit creation is taken by the people through their country’s treasury not by private institutions. In this way credit can be channeled to socially worthy endeavor rather than speculation and conspicuous consumption.

  6. Thanks for posting this video. I had not listened to Michel Chossudovsky before. His analysis is clear and concise. I spend most of my time working with “main street” companies and the crises is not near the end. “It’s the OIL Stupid.”

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