Dennis Kucinich: Without real reform of the FED I won’t vote for this bill


Dennis Kucinich: Without real reform of the FED I won’t vote for this bill

Dennis Kucinich, elected mayor of Cleveland at the age of 31 in 1977, is the youngest person ever elected to head a major US city. Previously, Kucinich served on the Cleveland City Council. He won his Congress seat in 1996 and while there has authored or co-sponsored bills related to the health care system, Social Security, education and calling for the abolition of the death penalty. Kucinich has also called for the repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act and for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney. He is a former presidential candidate, and was reelected into a seventh term in Congress, representing the 10th District of Ohio.

Kucinich won’t vote for finance bill


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4 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: Without real reform of the FED I won’t vote for this bill

  1. WTF? @ 5:15 he goes on to say, “our health care system takes the wealth of the people, puts it in the hands of the insurance companies,,,”

    Dennis, it was your vote switch that made that possible!

    Unfortunately, this financial deform bill is not as close as the health deform bill. Much easier to take a principled stance.
    Please don’t sell out this time. It would be nice if you would at least revisit your stance on health care, should enough of a movement should develop to repeal it.

  2. I would love to post some of these excellent political views. It is excellent to expose the false manipulators aiding in the collapse of the economy and expose the truth, hopefully providing insight as to how to achieve a better way to govern for the people, by the people, and with the people.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Melanie. You are more than welcome to repost any of the blogs, please include an active link back to the original post and keep all the links within each post intact. Thanks!

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