“There was no Explosion. There was No Torpedo.”


No base stories of Korea: Urgent Fwd from Korea: A Letter to Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of state: There was no Explosion. There was No Torpedo.

May 28, 2010

“Dear all,

I was informed the below content from the Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea website.


The site reports about the speech by Shin Sang-Chul on the truth of sunken Cheonan ship in a church of Seoul in the evening of May 26, 2010 and also his letter to Hillary Clinton.


Letter to Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of state
There was no Explosion. There was No Torpedo.

Mr. Shin Sang- Chul is representative advisor of Seoprise, who graduated the Korea Maritime University and has been on board of the convoys and carriers as a navy officer; a former sailor in a container ship; a former shipbuilding director in the Hyundae, Samsung and Daewoo; and the investigation committee member of the joint civilian-military investigation committee on the accident of the sunken Cheonan ship (translation from the SPARK site in the link)


He has been sued by the navy for the charge of libel after he said the truth of the accident.

In the Seoprise site in the link, he introduces his letter and urges to the people to spread his letter to the world with the remarks below:

‘Today, Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State visited Korea. I sent the United States Embassy my own conclusion on the investigation of the Cheonan ship, with some graphics so that she could read it in her returning plane to the United States. I pray that Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State could reach closer to Truth.

Related to it, I hope all the net-i-zens help this content could be spread to all the government institutes and press companies. In the well-known overseas press, there are the names and email information of the reporters so please spread at most and inform what is happening in Korea.

Even though I am not sure how much effect it could bring, my best prayer can be this letter could be delivered to the overseas reporters who can see the truth of one person. If you could forward this, some powerful reporters could receive the bunch of emails with same content. Then, his concern could become the article.’ (Translation from the Seoprise website)


via No base stories of Korea: Urgent Fwd from Korea: A Letter to Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of state: There was no Explosion. There was No Torpedo.

h/t: Bruce Gagnon on this post, U.S. A “Failed State” – Save Us From The Corporate Pirates! by Bruce Gagnon


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  7. So what is this, the gulf of tonkin all over again?
    Does Obomba really need another war? He’s lookin’ pretty haggard what with all the endless disasters…

    How’s about we let the koreans deal with their inevitable reunification and we deal with our own issues, pulling out of all bases, deployments & conflicts.

    Korea as a whole is one of the the great civilizations, peasants were important, some of the best of the craft-artists of all tune, deep scene,

    they will work out their thing, we have to work out ours!

    Come home amerigahh!

  8. The fact that this is being censored and that there appears to be an alternate explanation, while we move ahead with war rhetoric, makes me sick.

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