Naomi Klein: Why is BP still in charge?


May 28, 2010 — Frustration is growing among residents of the US Gulf of Mexico coast over the pace of efforts to combat the growing oil spill in the region.

Author and activist Naomi Klein has been visiting the state of Louisiana.

She told Al Jazeera that patience is running very thin.

Interview: Naomi Klein on oil spill


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6 thoughts on “Naomi Klein: Why is BP still in charge?

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  6. Why, indeed?
    The news story on the Coast Guard Admiral is that when asked if the CG will take over the cleanup, she said : “And do what?”
    The two questions asked on News interviews I heard last night are:
    1- why were cleanup workers brought in en masse and quickly hired and put in place just before Pres Obama got there? Why hasn’t someone NOT BP taken leadership on that? Why weren’t they in place days ago?

    2- there is a $500K sonar device that would have prevented this. Period. It’s in place on offshroe rigs all over the world. It was NOT in plalc here because our govt just didn’t care enough to do their job, and BP wanted to save the money.

    Lets hope this wakes people up to the need for renewable energies and new forms of energy and let’s hope this prevents rigs from ever being placed in places like Alaska…

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