Two Gaza Freedom Flotilla ships have been contacted by IDF boats + Message from Cindy Sheehan

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Sarah Irving May 30 at 3:23pm

In the last few minutes, at least two of the FreeGaza flotilla boats (the Turkish IHH boat and FreeGaza’s Challenger 2) have been contacted and/or approached by IDF boats in international waters. If you haven’t already contacted your press, elected representatives and other decision makers, in whatever country you are from, now is the time! Protest at Israeli state piracy, and demand that all governments follow their duty to protect humanitarian missions.

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Report: Israeli warships make contact with Gaza aid flotilla

Israeli warships have made contact with a six-ship aid flotilla headed toward Gaza carrying 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid and supplies, Al Jazeera reported late Sunday. The Israeli navy is operating on the assumption that the activists manning the boats will not heed their calls to turn around, and in response, the troops are prepared to board the ships and steer them away from the Gaza shores and toward the Israeli port city of Ashdod.


via Report: Israeli warships make contact with Gaza aid flotilla – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


Navy prepares for Gaza flotilla

by Ron Ben-Yishai
05.30.10, 13:44

Large naval forces stationed at Haifa Port to ‘prevent precedent of opening unsupervised maritime route to Gaza’. Source says mission to intercept aid ships ‘relatively simple’ but large forces deployed to ‘minimize PR damage’


via Navy prepares for Gaza flotilla – Israel News, Ynetnews


Message from Cindy Sheehan

by Cindy Sheehan
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Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
May 30, 2010

This is a message from Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox and Peace of the Action in solidarity with the FREE GAZA MOVEMENT “FREEDOM FLOTILLA” that is currently under sail in the Mediterranean and approaching its destination to the coast of the Gaza Strip. The ‘Freedom Flotilla’ is conducting a strictly humanitarian mission and carries a total of 10,000 tons of aid, 800 activists and politicians from more than 40 countries. The occupation and blockade of Gaza, by military and police forces of the Israeli government, is an immoral and heinous campaign of systematic oppression, slowly strangling every aspect of the innocent Palestinian people’s basic necessities, infrastructure, natural resources and human rights.

The following statement is found on the WWW.FREEGAZA.ORG website:

“The FREE GAZA MOVEMENT is a human rights group that in August 2008 sent the first international boats to land in the port of Gaza in 41 years. We want to break the siege of Gaza. We want to raise international awareness about the prison-like closure of the Gaza Strip and pressure the international community to review its sanctions policy and end its support for continued Israeli occupation.”

We ask all people of good conscience to please call/e-mail the US State Department in Washington, DC asking that they actively monitor the status of the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ and to be in constant communication with the government and military forces of Israel demanding the Flotilla’s safe passage in continuing unhindered to their stated destination of the Gaza Coast. No threats or acts of aggression toward the Flotilla shall be allowed. If the Flotilla is acted upon with threats and/or acts of aggression we demand the United States to intervene on behalf of the Flotilla.

US State Department Telephone: (202) 647-4000 (24-hour number)

US State Department E-Mail:

To keep aware of the Freedom Flotilla’s current status on an hour-by-hour basis please monitor their website at:


Israel flanks Gaza aid fleet

Al Jazeera English
May 31, 2010
03:37 Mecca time, 00:37 GMT

Israeli navy vessels have flanked a flotilla of aid-carrying ships aiming to break the country’s siege on Gaza.

Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Vall, reporting from the flotilla’s lead vessel, the Mavi Marmara, said the Israeli navy contacted the ship’s captain around 11pm 20:00 GMT on Sunday, asking him to identify himself and say where the ship was headed.


via Israel flanks Gaza aid fleet – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


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