Confirmed report: Israeli Forces Have Killed 16 Passengers On Board The Flotilla, 60 Injured (updated)

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Gaza TV News


Call for action from activist Caoimhe Butterly (Gaza TV News)

GazaTVNews — May 30, 2010


Update 1

Flotilla Update: Israel Attacks Convoy, Deaths Reported

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine
May 30, 2010


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A few moments ago, hostile Israeli forces attacked the Freedom Flotilla humanitarian aid convoy headed towards the Gaza Strip. The convoy was, however, still in international waters.

Live ammunition from Israeli helicopters was fired at the six boats comprising the Flotilla. In the surprise attack, five of six ships were boarded by Israeli naval units. Unconfirmed reports state that three have been killed and at least thirty injured.

Reporter stationed on a Flotilla boat requests order: “We don’t want any more injuries. Take your seats.”

Live video stream shows activists chanting “We are civilians!” Other activists are currently calling for immediate attention. An unconfirmed number of activists have been critically injured.

Activists aboard ships are attempting to contact Israeli Navy, requesting that they provide aid for the injured.

In both English and Hebrew, activists are pleading for the safety of the entire unarmed fleet of humanitarian aid boats. Qur’an is being played loudly in the background. Foreign correspondents aboard boats are waiting for external communication. It is hard to broadcast from a group of unarmed boats under attack in the middle of the sea.

Unconfirmed report: Other humanitarian organizations are making their way to the site of the attack.

Al Jazeera English has reportedly lost all contact with their foreign correspondent aboard the Flotilla.

Phonecast from Flotilla to Gaza TV reports the deaths of two individuals, not three. Thirty injured at least.

Live video stream shows that medics aboard the humanitarian aid convoy are currently trying to treat injured activists.

Gaza Freedom March reports that the Flotilla is 90 miles away from the coast of Gaza. This is still considered international waters.

Live video stream releases footage through Turkish media channel:


Update 2



Update 3

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Flotilla Update: Unarmed Activists Killed At Sea

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine
May 30, 2010


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Turkish television networks now confirm the deaths of 10 individuals aboard the Flotilla ships.

Free Gaza Movement reports that the wounded and critically injured have been taken to hospitals. The names of the hospitals are being kept secret, however.

Israeli TV reports 10 dead.

The Flotilla boats have rerouted to HAIFA rather than Ashdod to avoid press, says the Free Gaza Movement.

Gunshots have been heard along the Gaza shore. Meanwhile, there is speculation that up to 10 individuals have died with many more injuries. Al Jazeera has stated that various Palestinian factions including Fatah and Hamas will soon gather for a joint press conference.

UNCONFIRMED: Lawyer from the Free Gaza Movement states that up to 10 have been killed aboard the Flotilla ships.

The six Flotilla boats have currently been redirected to the Israeli port city of Ashdod. Previous reports indicate that makeshift detainment units have been constructed in order to incarcerate, process, and deport the 700+ activists aboard this humanitarian aid mission.

Al Jazeera reports that Israeli forces fired tear gas at activists as well as live ammunition.

Al Jazeera reports that Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Ehud Barak ordered Flotilla attack. Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh condemned the attack on the unarmed humanitarian aid convoy, calling it “barbaric piracy”.

ABC News in America picks up the news on the Flotilla attack, also reaffirming reports that two have been killed. Read the article here: Meanwhile, Haaretz, Israel’s premier news source, pins blame on the Flotilla activists for not heeding to Israel’s calls to cease traveling towards Gaza’s shore.

Turkish citizens storm the Israeli embassy. Meanwhile, activists are frantic on board the six ships of the convoy. All have been reportedly commandeered and redirected. Turkish television networks officially confirm the deaths of 2 unarmed individuals and at least 30 injured individuals.

AP and CNN have both reported on the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla headed towards Gaza. Attacks are confirmed. Meanwhile, Turkish citizens are pouring out in large numbers to protest the attacks in front of governmental buildings in Ankara and Turkey.

The Flotilla has been commandeered by Israeli hostile forces. The ships have been redirected. Unconfirmed reports claim that the ships are heading towards Haifa. Other reports claim that the ships are heading to an unknown location, likely to be an Israeli port. Only time will tell.

BBC News headlines the Flotilla attack. “Hamas says the interception took place in international waters, more than 150km (90 miles) off the coast of Gaza. Israel has made no comment.” Al Jazeera appears to be having technical difficulties at transmitting news feeds to the public. Read it here:

Turkish nationals protest in Ankara and Istanbul. Palestinian and Turkish flags wave amidst incoming news of deaths in international waters. Names of the dead individuals have not yet been released.

Al Jazeera has just confirmed the presence of Israeli helicopters and commandos descending upon unarmed humanitarian aid convoy. Video footage on Al Jazeera’s television network now.

Al Jazeera has just announced that the Israeli Ambassador to Turkey has been summoned “immediately” to the foreign ministry in Ankara.

Turkish nationals are currently marching to embassies and governmental offices in Ankara and Istanbul. The sun is barely out yet.

English television reporter states that Israeli is commandeering the Flotilla.

Israeli forces are now commandeering the main boat of the Flotilla. White flags have been raised yet Israeli military units continue to shoot at unarmed activists. At least 50 injured.

Turkish TV claims 50 injured along with two killed. Medical attention is needed for those critically injured.


Live video stream releases footage through Turkish media channel:


Update 4

George Galloway – Gaza TV’s phlog – 31st May 10 at 05:18



Update 5

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Flotilla Update: Immediate Post-Attack

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine
May 31, 2010


Ynet reports that four Israeli soldiers were injured. Among them, one is reported to be in critical condition. The injured soldiers were promptly flown to Chaim Sheba Medical Center. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed by various news networks that Palestinian-Israeli leader Sheikh Ra’ed Salah has been severely wounded in his head. He is currently undergoing emergency surgery.

Protests have occurred worldwide, including in Amman, Jordan. Spain has just called on its Israeli ambassador.

Israeli spokeswoman Avital Leibovich claims that the activists were affiliated with Hamas, and as such, the convoy was not intended to be a humanitarian project. She also acknowledges that the Flotilla was raided in international waters. (All via interview with Al Jazeera English)

Conflicting reports among Israeli spokespeople. Some claim that the activists were armed with knives and sharp objects. Others claim that the activists were armed with live ammunition. However, upon Israel’s expected inspection of the Flotilla boats, the public will understand that the activists were all unarmed.

Al Jazeera English has just played footage of live ammunition still being fired even though white flags were raised on the Flotilla boats.

The European Union has demanded an independent investigation of the raid on the Flotilla mission.

Osama Hamdan, a Hamas representative, states that the Flotilla mission had no affiliation with Hamas or any other political organization. It was strictly a humanitarian mission what was raided.

Israel considers the entire Flotilla mission a publicity stunt. Meanwhile, Hamas calls for the international community to take action. A three-day mourning period has been announced for both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Gaza Welcoming Committee transformed welcoming zone into a protest zone open to the media.

Israeli spokeswoman Avital Leibovich claims that there is absolutely no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. UNRWA’s Chris Gunness denies these claims. Palestinian officials call for protests and mass boycotts.

Israel declares that the activists will remain detained or be deported. Israeli authority figures acknowledge that the Flotilla had not yet reached Israeli territory. Haniya calls on the Palestinian Authority to stop “all direct or indirect talks”.

Boats are currently being towed towards Ashdod from Haifa, according to recent statements made by Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera reports deaths of 15 rather than 16. Of these, 9 were Turkish and 6 were Arab. Meanwhile, Israeli authorities claim that 6 soldiers were injured by weapons and “sharp objects” used by activists aboard the Flotilla ships.

Reports indicate that Abbas has stated that Israel has just killed any potential peace negotiations due to the crime it committed in international waters.

Defense Force spokespeople claim that activists aboard one of the Flotilla boats fired live ammunition towards Israeli naval units… (I have so many comments to make about this)

There have been claims that of the 16 killed by Israeli naval forces, 9 were Turkish nationals. Turkish officials have indicated that this massacre will inevitably strain relationships between Israel and Turkey.

Al Jazeera correspondents trying to report in Jerusalem. However, the crew has been faced with angry Israelis shouting in support of the massacre aboard the Flotilla boats.

Emergency protests have begun in various parts of the world. Rumor is that a protest is initiating in New York City. As for the condition of the injured activists, the hospital has yet to be officially confirmed. The remaining activists have been arrested.

Unconfirmed reports state that some activists are resisting arrest.

Israeli ambassador in Turkey is forced to stay home amidst protesting in front of his house and throughout various parts of Ankara, Istanbul, and other cities. French television networks have finally reported on the Flotilla attack.

Israeli cabinet “regrets” the deaths. Live video stream (link at bottom) is currently showing damage to boats.

All members of the Flotilla have been arrested, unconfirmed reports say. Confirmation soon.

Al Jazeera correspondent reports that the attack on the Flotilla has not yet ended. Death and injury tolls are likely to rise if this can indeed be confirmed.

Turkish television news networks raise death toll to 16.

Thousands have poured into the streets of Istanbul to protest Israel’s illegal response to the unarmed humanitarian convoy.

Haaretz in Israel reports 10 deaths with at least 60 wounded.

Turkish security forces are called to provide protection for the Israeli consulate out of fear that protesters might attack. Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports state that an Israeli soldier may have been killed during the entire proceeding. Turkish news networks affirm the finding that at least 10 individuals were killed by Israeli forces.

Live video stream releases footage through Turkish media channel:

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