Never Forget Rachel Corrie (2007)

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on Jun 6, 2010

July 30, 2007 PBS




US-Israel: Gaza Aid Convoy Attack Shows the Real Axis of Evil Facing the World by Finian Cunningham

The Rachel Corrie has been forcibly seized by the Israeli navy

3 thoughts on “Never Forget Rachel Corrie (2007)

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  3. I’ve talked to many israelis who have NO REMORSE about those they’ve rune over with tanks, the one who scraped corrie into the ground ‘didn’t see her’.

    This is not an israeli problem, this is what happens when you train kids to bhe cold-blooded killers.

    Let’s remember that Israelis are not nazis, it’s the worldwide warmongers who are nazis, and each and everyone one of them should be lined up against a wall and lobotomized.

    Militarists are unredeemable, they need to be quarantined.

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