The Real Threat Aboard the Freedom Flotilla By Noam Chomsky

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By Noam Chomsky
In These Times
June 8, 2010

Israel’s violent attack on the Freedom Flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza shocked the world.

Hijacking boats in international waters and killing passengers is, of course, a serious crime.

But the crime is nothing new. For decades, Israel has been hijacking boats between Cyprus and Lebanon and killing or kidnapping passengers, sometimes holding them hostage in Israeli prisons.

Israel assumes that it can commit such crimes with impunity because the United States tolerates them and Europe generally follows the U.S.’s lead.

As the editors of The Guardian rightly observed on June 1, “If an armed group of Somali pirates had yesterday boarded six vessels on the high seas, killing at least 10 passengers and injuring many more, a NATO task force would today be heading for the Somali coast.” In this case, the NATO treaty obligates its members to come to the aid of a fellow NATO country—Turkey—attacked on the high seas.


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Noam Chomsky, US

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  10. Blockade is a nation’s right for protection to save lives and reduce warfare. “Hijacking” is a term for piracy such as Somalia so nice try on that one. “Humanitarian aid” could be guns, missiles, and support materials for more war. Of course, Israel could have followed the North Korea model, and sunk the ship with a torpedo, and that’s not as newsworthy of a violation.

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