Ralph Nader says reinstate Helen Thomas



Nader: Helen Thomas apologized – she was attacked with such ferocity because she always asked ‘why’

Named by The Atlantic as one of the hundred most influential figures in American history, and by Time and Life magazines as one of the most influential Americans of the twentieth century, Ralph Nader has helped us drive safer cars, eat healthier food, breathe better air, drink cleaner water, and work in safer environments for more than four decades. The crusading attorney first made headlines in 1965 with his book Unsafe at Any Speed, a scathing indictment that lambasted the auto industry for producing unsafe vehicles. The book led to congressional hearings and automobile safety laws passed in 1966, including the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. He was instrumental in the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC), and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). Many lives have been saved by Nader’s involvement in the recall of millions of unsafe consumer products, including defective motor vehicles, and in the protection of laborers and the environment. By starting dozens of citizen groups, Ralph Nader has created an atmosphere of corporate and governmental accountability.


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    • Thanks for buzzing the story, MagicStarER! Always appreciated. Although Dandelion Salad doesn’t make any money doing this “job”, putting 1-3 stories up on Buzzflash.net in hopes of getting them to their published page does increase the views tremendously. And the more views the better the site does when people do searches on Google, etc.

      And YES, Ralph Nader would make the best president!!! No doubts whatsoever.

  5. Nader “gets it”…and passes it on!

    Particularly significant was his own exchange with Brit Hume! I have never understood how people “sell their hearts, minds, and souls.” I experienced this same “Hume adaptation” throughout my own years and years in a career field. It has something to do with power by association, I think: Wannabes who are in and of themselves feeling powerless, fearful, and insecure.

    I hope Helen Thomas is reading the support out here for her!

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